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    At the time of this review, Triple Sevens Blackjack is the only progressive blackjack available in the Microgaming blackjack line-up. It features five decks of 52 cards that are shuffled at the end (and therefore the beginning) of each game.

    Triple Sevens Blackjack is played with all of the standard Microgaming rules, splitting options, and double down scenarious. What makes Triple Sevens Blackjack unique is it’s progressive wagering, payouts, and it’s consecutive Seven sidebet feature.

    In order to play the game, you have to agree to the 1 credit wager (which is easy enough to do since it’s an automatic feature). Your goal, aside from the usual tally to 21, is to get consecutive Sevens. The payout breakdown is as follows:

    • 7 credits for 2 consecutive Sevens of unmatching suits
    • 50 credits for 2 consecutive Sevens of same suit
    • 250 credits for 3 consecutive Sevens of different suits
    • 1000 credits for 3 consecutive Sevens of the same suit

    Win the progressive jackpot when you can get 3 consecutive sevens in the Diamond suit. And, if you win, you can wear a diamond suit all your own! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

    Keep in mind the above payouts are made even if you lose your hand during the traditional game of “21”.

    If you’re looking for a riskier edge to the blackjack genre, Microgaming has a solid progressive game with this Triple Sevens version. Play it today at the following recommended casinos.