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    Classic Blackjack Gold by Microgaming takes everything you love about their Classic Blackjack game-the European rules, the crisp graphics, the range of table bets-and amps it up with even faster play and upgraded animation.

    Classic Blackjack Gold is a European blackjack game, which means there are a few differences than the American version you’ll find at other casinos and even within Microgaming’s vast blackjack selection.

    For instance, splits are almost the opposite of a standard American game; in this Classic Blackjack Gold, splitting is only allowed on like pairs and one card will be delivered to each before the hand is forced to stand.

    Aces, on the other hand, can be given several cards once they’ve been split.

    The beauty of this game comes with the fact that its played with only one deck. Remember, though, it’s shuffled at the start of each game and you’re only playing one hand at a time.

    The “Gold” in Classic Blackjack Gold means an improved game one several fronts. The screen is angled so that it starts to feel like you really have pulled up to a table.

    The card and chip animation is very smooth and quite continuous, from the time the cards leave  the Dealer’s hand to the way the chips move across the table when you win a hand.

    The Expert Mode is not available in Classic Blackjack Gold.

    The table limits for Classic Blackjack range from 1 to 500.

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