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    Just when you think European blackjack can’t get any more exciting, Microgaming comes out with a game that sets itself apart from the deck. With superior animation and speed, European Blackjack Gold features approachable table bets, crisp graphics, and a two-deck card stack.

    You’ll be prompted for insurance every time the Dealer shows an Ace. I never take insurance because it’s rarely worth it, but, if you’re playing these games for real money, you’re of an adult age and can make decisions for yourself.

    And speaking of making decisions, if you’re a pretty consistent player and have a personal approach to how you play the game, European Blackjack Gold has an “Expert” feature you may be interested in.

    With a customizable strategy table, you can set the parameters of each hand as you see fit, and then AutoPlay each of your hands.

    It is a more hands-off approach to how to play the game, but if you are the type of player that tends to get swept up in the blackjack moment, the strategy table/autoplay feature helps to take the emotion out of the decision-making process.

    European Blackjack Gold by Microgaming has the following rules:

    • The Dealer stands on all 17s and doesn’t peek.
    • Doubling down is only allowed on original pair totals of 9, 10 and 11.
    • You can split your hands once, and, if splitting Aces, you’ll be given as many cards as needed to complete your hand.
    • Ten-value cards are not equal in this game.
    • Ties go to the player.

    You’ll immediately see that splitting in this game doesn’t happen very often, particularly with the low number of decks (2).

    Wagers in European Blackjack Gold span from 1 credit to 500 credits.

    This is just one of many European blackjack games Microgaming has to offer. Check out their whole line up at one (or all) of the casinos below.