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    Welcome to Treasure Ireland online slot game, where you can find that little bit of Irish in you, in its Irish Pub-style reels. This Microgaming powered slot game will show you a lot of fun in its 3 reels with 1 pay-line of fruit-style slots action.

    Take a trip around the lapper board feature in this game to see how many credits you can acquire.

    Find all of the action that can be found in a one line slot game in Treasure Ireland, within its feature game there is a lapper board with several different features, where the player can test his or her wits to make the most credits out of what is presented to them.

    As like in many online slot games, your goal is to go for the jackpot or to take a chance at the highest possible paying feature, before landing on the “?” square and within this feature the possibility of stopping at “Lose the Feature” when stopped.

    Playing this game is truly gambling, where the player uses skill and luck to achieve the best outcome.

    The Treasure Ireland game symbols are; Four Leaf Clovers, the Jackpot Pirates and to include the Ships, Single Bars, Red Sevens, Glasses of Guinness, Parrots, Skull and Crossbones and the Treasure Chests filled with coins.

    The Treasure Ireland wagering is set with one coin that is adjustable and ranges from 0.10 credits up to its maximum bet of 10.00 credits per spin.

    The player can adjust the betting to what he or she is comfortable with. Overlaid map symbols are on the reels and if 3 of them appear on the pay-line, the Lapper Board Feature screen will appear.

    Lapper Board Feature.

    The Lapper Board Feature has 14 squares and a single reel in the middle to be spun with numbers 1 – 12. There are 3 Shot Pots around the outside of the board; for Feature Pots, Cash Pots and Win Spin Pots as shown below in "Shot Pots". Use the Spin button to spin-up a number on the reel.

    The lapper board will light up for each spot moved, matching the number on the reel, and stop on the last square lit. The lit square will award one of the feature name prizes mentioned in the “Shot Pots” or the “Lapper Board Layout” below.

    Shot Pots:

    • Win Spin Shot Pots; if chosen, are used back in reels until a win is awarded.
    • Cash Shot Pots; if chosen, award the amount shown and revert back to the reels.
    • Feature Shot Pots; has 8 features, shown under “Feature Shot Pots” below.

    Lapper Board Layout.

    • 1 Potato square; towards an extra life, where 3 of these give an extra life.
    • 3 Cash Shots squares; adds to the Cash Shot Pots.
    • 3 Win Spin Shots squares; adds to the Win Spin Shot Pots.
    • 2 Bonus Squares award one of the following; "Extra Life", "Extra Potato" towards an extra life, a "Restart Chance" which will give the player a chance to restart the feature when it ends or "Boost" which moves the player forward on the lapper board.
    • 3 Feature Squares; adds to the Feature Shot Pots, which are explained below.
    • 2 “?” Squares, where random choices appear, to be stopped by the player and winning that outcome of one of the following; "Boost" which moves the player forward on the lapper board, "Carry On" which continues the feature, "Continue" where the player’s skill is to stop on yes to continue the feature or "Lose" where the feature is stopped and reverted back to the reels.

    Feature Shot Pots.

    • Stoppa Fruit; reverted to the reel game view where the players skills stops a selected reel, which is spun in and awarded that selection.
    • Spin a Win; reverted to the reel game view where the reels spin in a win, a prize is awarded for that win.
    • Reel Roulette; reverted to the reel game view and lights rotate around the fruit until the player presses stop. The lights gradually slow down until they stop on the lit fruit chosen, which is then spun-in on the reels and awarded.
    • Cash Blaster; reverted to the reel game view where the feature runs. The Player must select a reel of their choice and then select a symbol on the reel with the highest value. The symbol is spun-in on remaining reels and the player is awarded the symbol prize.
    • Pick a Win; reverted to the reel game view where the player is shown a series of wins one after another. It is up to the player to collect one of those wins or wait for a larger win.
    • Revolver; reverts back to the reel game view and the reels start spinning. When the player notices a win on the reels, he or she may skillfully stop them and collect that win.
    • Win Series; reverted back to the reel game where the reels automatically run through a number of wins, which are all added to the player’s win pot.
    • Treasure Ireland; pays The Jackpot with a winning animation. A repeat chance is offered, and if chosen will be awarded again. The repeat chance will continue until stopped.

    If you are one of those players who have the “Luck of the Irish” and love playing single-line slot games, or would like to get a piece of these Irish slots, you just may find that ‘pot of gold’ while playing Treasure Ireland online slot game!


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