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    Now here is a cool looking game for all of you single line slot lovers out here in the gambling world, The Gee Gees online slots game with its 3 reels and 1 pay-line.

    This Microgaming slot game is a little more complex than the regular single-line games, by bringing out the players skills of interacting towards achieving better payouts.

    Most single-line slot games have the regular bars and sevens with a few of them throwing in a wild symbol to make the game exciting.

    The Gee Gees is an English pub-style fruit machine slots game, where the more you play it, the more fun it is to play. Some may think it has a preposterous theme, but in fact it is keeping in line with the fruit machine tradition for your enjoyment in a fruity kind of way in the interactive Gee Gees themed music game area.

    Here are a few of the symbols that can be found in Curry in a Hurry; A cool Mug of Beer to cool down the hot bowl of scattered Curry, a Side Dish of Chips for dipping or munching, a Man holding a fork with meat whose had too much of the heat, the Red Delivery Van to bring you curry in a hurry and the smiling Waiter who seems to be Wild to help you eat more curry.

    Wagering in The Gee Gees slot game is pretty basic with one coin betting ranging from 0.10 credits per spin on up to 10.00 credits per spin. Find your sweet spot and start rolling in the credits. By landing 3 glittering Silver Disco Balls on the pay-line, a payout of 2,000 coins is rewarded. That can add up to a lot of credits, depending on the bet made.

    What makes this single pay-line game so special is the Lapper Board feature with sub features, where the player can interact with the game using the trail positions for each spin.

    When a number comes up on the reels, the player will move down this trail. Any win from the Trail or the Reels, starts the Feature Game. The Trail has 7 positions.

    When the numbers add up on the trail and stops on position 4, a bonus round will take you into the Bonus Feature.

    The Bonus Feature is a random bonus and may award one of the following below.

    Bonus Feature.

    • Add Again; Adds the numbers on the reels again with a repeat chance.
    • Boost: Boosts the trail to a random position.
    • Number Run: Steps the reels around until a reel win occurs.
    • Selector: Offers different trail positions until the player selects one.
    • Skillshot: Starts from position 4 and moves up and down the trail to various positions.
    • Stoppa: Stops the trail at a random position.

    There is also a random "Hot to Trot" that will appear, align 3 winning combinations, and then take you to the Lapper Board Feature.

    Now that is what I call having fun while playing slots.

    But it gets more interesting in the Lapper Board Feature with its 20 position randomed squares as follows:

    Lapper Board Feature Squares.

    • 5 Cash Squares: Adds a random amount to the Cash Pot.
    • 5 Features Squares: Add to the Feature Stack with its perspective wins.
    • 5 Nudges Squares: Add a random amount to the Nudges Stack, and if chosen, are played back on the reels until a winning match appears, depending on the amount of nudges.
    • 4 "?" Squares: Have various outcomes from adding extra credits to losing everything.
    • 1 Multi Add Square: Adds a random amount to all; the Cash Pot, the Nudges Stack and to the Feature Stack described below.

    During your play in the Lapper Board Feature a “Spin” button is used, and after it is pushed a random number will spin-up in a small window in the middle of the game. The squares will light up in a clockwise direction, showing every space being counted, equaling the spinner number.

    The square that is landed on will light up with an "X". Every square that is landed on will award a random amount for that square, adding from 1x up to 4x its amount, to that featured square.

    Anytime during the Lapper Board Feature, before a spin is made, you may choose to “Collect” any one of; the Cash Pot, The Nudges Stack or The Feature Stack with its perspective feature described below.

    Here is a hint; when any of the stacks or cash gets high, collect one of them, because if you do not, you may loose it all by landing on the “?” square.

    The 10 features that are found in the Feature Stack are shown below in order.

    Feature Stack.

    • Do The Hustle: Collecting this feature returns the player to the reel view and a spin in a win, guaranteeing a reel win in the game.
    • Night Diva: Uses a cash pay table on the right, giving you an up and down skill shot to win one of the values on the table.
    • You Win Again: Shoot an award from the cash pot, receive the win and get a repeat chance to win that amount again if a Yes appears, this feature stops when a No is shown.
    • Hot To Trot: Stop-a-win feature in which you must hit the stop button. The right hand side multipliers are randomly lit, when stopped; you will receive the combined value of the three lit multipliers.
    • Money Money Money: This feature shows 3 different valued prizes in a text window. The prizes are moved around randomly and quickly. The object; is for you to select the highest prize, while in motion in the text window, as quickly as possible.
    • Le Freak: A reel-based feature where the view is returned to the reel view. The reels start spinning and you must use your skills to stop the reels on a possible winning combination. The reels will stop on their own if you do not stop them.
    • Reel Like Dancing: A reel-based feature where the view is returned to the reel view, but the reels are turning. You must select a reel of your choice and then select the highest paying symbol on that reel. The final two reels stop on that chosen symbol, awarding you the payout of that chosen symbol.
    • Prancing Yeah!: A pick-a-win feature in the reel view to run. You are shown a series of wins, one after another. Choose the winning combination you think is largest. The feature will stop if no combination wins are chosen.
    • Hot Stuff: This feature is a win-series played out on the reels and runs automatically through a number of wins. You are awarded all the wins shown during this feature.
    • The Gee Gees: Wins you the Jackpot! The jackpot is highlighted on the pay table with a winning animation. You have a repeat chance of this win through the flashing Yes or No. If you happen to select Yes the pay table will flash the multiplier wins, where you must stop the pay table on a multiplier value to be awarded. The repeat may be offered again.

    There are all kinds of action happening with this slots game, but be careful, it is easy to get addicted to. If you ever thought that the three reels with a single pay-line slot game is a breeze, think again my friends, you have yet to try The Gee Gees!

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