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    Reel Thunder - 5 reel, 9 payline and scatters and wilds sure to help you raise you bankroll. Coin size ranges from .25 cents up to 5.00.

    Some casinos have the minimum coin amount set as low as a penny per line. You can play from 1 to 9 Lines, but be sure to play all 9 lines.

    Heart with Wings symbol is wild and substitutes for all symbols except Scatters. 3 scatter symbols pays 5x your bet, 4 pays 20x, and 5 pays x50.

    Hit 5 Bikes symbols and win $1000.00 on a $9.00 bet!

    Hit 5 Biker Hogs on the payline to win the jackpot of $10,000.00 on $9.00 bet!

    The sounds are great, makes you feel like you are in a biker gang.

    Slots Odds:
    The numbers with the symbol names beside them below is the key for the odds in this slot game. Below them, the numbers beside the Reel numbers are the placement in which the symbols fall on the reels. By matching the numbers beside the Reels with the key symbols above them, you can determine which symbol may come up next or the odds in which they will fall in this slot game.

    0 - Scatter Engine
    1 - Wild (winged heart)
    2 - Pig wearing helmet
    3 - Motorbike rear wheel
    4 - Biker Silhouette with orange flaming background
    5 - Cruisin License Plate
    6 - Speedometer
    7 - Road House Beer
    8 - Flaming Pepper on cracker
    9 - Hotdog
    10 - Hotdog
    11 - Bacon and Egg
    12 - Plate of Pancakes

    Reel 1: 3,10,2,0,12,5,9,7,8,6,11,4

    Reel 2: 5,8,3,2,11,12,1,4,7,9,6,0

    Reel 3: 2,9,4,8,6,0,1,7,5,11,3,12

    Reel 4: 4,7,3,0,5,2,12,6,9,1,11,8

    Reel 5: 4,5,11,2,8,3,9,7,12,0,10,6