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    Sit right back and take another sip on that old jug sittin' beside your chair and get a taste of some real moonshine by playing Moonshine online slots game. This Microgaming powered slot, with its 5 reels and 25 paylines, will give you an adventure of the good old days and may even give you a little free cash as well in its free spins and bonus game.

    With a Wild, Scatter and Bonus Trigger Symbols, and a Player Selection Free Spin Feature where free spins and multiplier awarded can be increased.

    Hit 3 or more moonshine bonus jug to activate the bonus round and once activated the “pick until pop” selection screen in this game can reward players with up to 18 free spins with multipliers up to 4X:

    • 3 Jugs = starts you with 3 Free spins
    • 4 Jugs = starts you with 4 Free spins
    • 5 Jugs = starts you with 5 Free spins

    Hit 5 Wild symbols on a payline and you can win a jackpot of $8000.00 on $25.00 bet!!!! Even more if hit during free spins! I am looking forward to playing moonshine. I will be standing in line with money in hand.

    Slots Odds.

    The numbers with the symbol names beside them below is the key for the odds in this slot game. Below them, the numbers beside the Reel numbers are the placement in which the symbols fall on the reels.

    By matching the numbers beside the Reels with the key symbols above them, you can determine which symbol may come up next or the odds in which they will fall in this slot game.

    0 - Wild Grandma
    1 - Old Man with Pipe
    2 - Guitar Playing Man
    3 - Man with Big Feet
    4 - Purple Pig
    5 - Pumpkin Pie
    6 - Red Beans in Frying Pan
    7 - Purple Pot
    8 - Box of Sardines
    9 - Green fruit slices
    10 - Bonus bottle
    11 - Scatter Police officer

    Main reel 1: 0,9,3,8,5,7,6,4,7,11,9,2,8,6,3,10,7,6,5,8,6,0,9,7,4,2,11,5,8,6,10,9,1,8,7

    Main reel 2: 0,6,9,7,3,8,10,7,2,8,5,9,11,7,3,6,4,2,6,10,8,7,4,11,8,5,9,0,6,1,7,5,8,6,9

    Main reel 3: 0,9,7,4,2,5,8,7,6,10,9,3,8,5,7,1,6,0,9,4,8,6,7,11, 9,2,8,4,7,6,11,9,1,8,3,6,5,8

    Main reel 4: 0,6,9,3,7,9,4,8,7,2,0,1,4,7,6,10,9,5,8,7,6,0,9,6,8, 5,4,1,11,7,3,8,11,5,2,8,4,9,5

    Main reel 5: 0,7,6,8,4,7,5,9,10,3,1,4,7,5,11,8,1,9,0,7,8,2,5,6, 11,1,3,9,11,6,7,4,8,5,9,2,6,8,4,9

    Symbols are the same for bonus reels, except other images.

    Bonus reel 1: 0,9,3,5,1,7,4,6,0,9,5,11,4,8,11,6,8,2,11,6,7,5

    Bonus reel 2: 0,9,7,5,11,8,5,6,1,5,4,7,0,9,6,3,8,2,6,4

    Bonus reel 3: 0,5,6,11,7,5,4,9,0,6,4,8,2,6,1,8,5,3,7,9

    Bonus reel 4: 0,5,8,4,6,1,5,6,3,11,7,4,9,0,8,2,6,5,11,9,7

    Bonus reel 5: 0,7,6,5,1,8,6,11,9,4,6,2,7,11,5,4,8,5,9,3