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    Max Damage and the Alien Attack arcade slot is a nine-level space-themed game by Microgaming, which pairs out-of-this-world entertainment with the ability to win cash!
    It’s Space-Invaders-meets-Microgaming, online slots-meets-arcade, 1980’s-meets-2012.

    Your mission in Max Damage Alien Attack arcade game (which you’ll accept, of course) is to defend our Earth from an alien attack. If you can survive all nine levels, you’ll be awarded handsomely-up to 110,000 coins!

    While it’s marketed as an online slot variant, the wagering for Max Damage is anything but typical. The game will charge coins for destroying ships, but can also reward a higher amount of coins in return.

    For instance, whenever you destroy part of a Boss Ship or any alien ship, you are charged 10 coins (let’s say it’s for the ammunition). However, in destroying that ship, you could be awarded anywhere from 0 to 10,000 coins (and therein lies the gamble).

    General Rules for Max Damage Alien Attack:

    • You start each game with 6 ships, one ready to go and five back-ups.
    • Every time an alien ship slips past you, or an alien missile hits you, you’ll lose a ship.
    • You’ll get up to 10,000 points for every alien ship you destroy.
    • Collect “Boosters” for enhanced Health, Shield Levels, and Life.
    • Collect “Upgrades” to aid you in the battle (like being able to shoot lasers, etc.).
    • Occasionally you’ll be offered a “Freebie”. Freebies won’t cost anything to destroy, and could earn you substantial wins. Freebies include Missiles, Wormholes, and Nukes.
    • Don’t forget about the boss ships-taking one of them down in levels 3, 6, and 9 gets you the biggest reward-up to 110,000 coins.

    Whether or not this game appeals to you will depend on how much you’d welcome a diversion from more traditional online casino games.

    Max Damage Alien Attack arcade slot is definitely a throwback to simpler times. What better way to walk down memory lane than with a space ship equipped with missile-launchers?

    Play Max Damage Alien Attack online arcade game and have a blast!