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    The fact that online slots can be built with so many different themes and concepts is one of the reasons why there are thousands of them to choose from. Microgaming is really good about trying out different themes to see how they do, and that's the case with the Electric Diva game. This slot has a theme based around alien invaders, which sounds normal enough until you notice that the defender of Earth is a woman with a guitar. It's atypical for sure, but it provides a fun backdrop with solid graphics, and it's perfect for players who are into a dark, metal theme with music to match.

    Game Format

    If you're looking for an atypical format, you're not going to find it here. This game has five reels with three rows and a 40-payline setup. You have the ability to play with fewer than 40 paylines per spin, but we don't recommend it because it lowers the RTP by disabling certain features. Coins range from $0.01 to $0.25, and you can bet up to five coins on each of the 40 paylines, starting the betting at $0.40 per turn. High roller players will be glad this online slot has stakes as high as $50 per spin, but most players will be happy with how they can fine-tune things down to the specific bet size they want on the lower end of the scale.

    Everything we discuss here will be in terms of a $2.00 bet as far as winnings and payouts go. If you bet more or less, your winnings will be proportionally scaled to match.

    Regular Payouts

    At the top end of the payouts, you have the two main characters. The alien queen will pay you $100 for a five of a kind win, and the same type of win earns $75 for five of the defender of the human race in the red shirt with her guitar. Next up are two of the invaders themselves with the bat paying $50 for five of a kind and the scorpion giving you a $37.50 win if you get five of them lined up on an activated payline.

    The lower-end symbols are the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols, but they haven't just been thrown together in this game. Instead, they are stylized perfectly to fit in with the set of graphics and overall theme present in this game. A $12.50 prize is yours for five of the A symbol, and five of the orange K gives you a $10.00 payout. You can earn $7.50 for five of the yellow Q, but five of the green J earns $6.25. The blue 10 is good for $5.00 for five of a kind as well.

    Free Spins Feature

    The free spins feature in this Microgaming title is slightly atypical. You trigger it by getting three or more of the spider alien standing over a green light, which is a scattered bonus symbol that counts anywhere on the reels. However, you'll only start with 1-3 free spins with a multiplier of 1x to 3x. From there, you can earn more free spins and higher multipliers worth up to 40 free spins with an 8x multiplier on your payouts.

    Wild Symbols and Scatters

    The wild in this game is the Electric Diva symbol. It pays for anywhere from two to five on an activated payline, and five of a kind gives you the top win in the game of $600. You can also win $200 for five of the scattered guitar symbols, which can appear anywhere on the reels for a win. You'll need at least three to get a payout with those scatters.


    In terms of what people think of when they think of as video slots, the Electric Diva slot probably checks off a lot of boxes. It has the typical setup with a wild symbol that pays the top payout, scatters, bonus symbols and a free spins bonus feature with multipliers. It's very solid all around, and the theme itself is atypical and well-presented. However, it's not going to win any awards for standing out in any major way, which is fine since every release doesn't have to be some Earth-shattering thing. Overall, this game will probably appeal to a wide audience, especially for its atypical theme and good graphics.

    By Jesse Eddleman