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    Meet Roger, the Casanova of the barnyard and Henrietta, the love of Roger's life in Cashanova slots, with 5 reels and 30 paylines, wilds and a fun bonus round in the chicken coop.

    There is nothing Roger won’t do to win the wing (and all the rest!) of Henrietta, by fair means or fowl!

    All he needs is the key to the henhouse….. which is the basic premise of the new game from Microgaming.

    Cashanova is a 5 reel, 30 payline game that is packed with wild symbols, scatters, multipliers up to 5x your bet, 2 different bonus games with different triggers and one game gives a guaranteed win per free spin won of up to 900 coins. You can bet as little as 1¢ or as much as $75. This game introduces a whole new concept in video slots and I like it very much!

    Roger is the wild symbol and substitutes for any symbol but the bonus and scatter symbols. Roger does not multiply winning combinations though.

    The scatters in this game are the ‘Henhouse Magazine’. Get 3 scatters for 2x your bet, 4 scatters gives a 10x your bet and all 5 scatters gives you 100x your bet.

    There are two different bonus rounds triggered by 2 different sets of symbols. Reel 1, 2 and 3 holds the ‘Barn’ bonus and Reel 3, 4 and 5 holds the ‘Get Lucky’ bonus.

    Get the key bonus symbols anywhere on the first 3 reels for the Barn bonus or the egg free range symbols on the last 3 reels for the Free Range bonus round.

    When you enter the Barn Bonus Round, you go to a barn scene where the dog is in front of the door and the key is hidden in one of nine items stored in the barn. Your job is to find the key without waking the dog.

    Every hiding place has a dollar amount attached to it. When you choose a place, you win that amount. If you wake up the dog, you are done. If you don’t wake the dog, you can choose another location. This scene continues until you find the key or wake the dog.

    If you find the key, you win all the money attached to all the hiding places and you go to the next round… The henhouse and Henrietta!

    The second part of the Barn Bonus round is where Roger finally is in the company of Henrietta. You are given a choice of 4 gifts for Roger to give to Henrietta in hopes of winning her over.

    Each item has a different dollar denomination attached and you win the amount attached to the gift you choose.

    When you line up the Free Range Egg symbols on the last 3 reels, you go to a bonus game that gives you free spins, a multiplier and a guaranteed win amount.

    You have a choice of three eggs for the number of free spins, then you choose an egg for the multiplier and last, you choose an egg for the guaranteed win amount per spin during the free spin round, where you can win up to 900 coins on the guarantee.

    Free spins can’t be retriggered on this game but you have the potential of winning a maximum of 750,000 coins! That would keep the barnyard happy for a very long time!

    All in all, this is really a fun game. There’s plenty action taking place to keep it interesting and it can be profitable at the same time.

    It’s egg-actly the kind of game I really enjoy playing and one that will keep you hanging around the barnyard too, hoping for a glimpse of the fair fowl Henrietta!


    This game is no longer available.