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    Atlantic City, otherwise known as the “Diet Coke of Las Vegas”, often comes to mind as second on the list of where to gamble in the United States. Microgaming software might have been on that same list, too, if they still allowed US players in their online casino lobbies—but that’s a conversation for another time.

    As it is, the most action the United States will get in a Microgaming casino is in the names of some of the table games they offer--like Atlantic City Blackjack for starters. And with all the twists, turns, and thrills Microgaming gives its blackjack line, it’s no wonder why more Americans haven’t moved to Canada.

    Offering small twists to the well-known blackjack game, Atlantic City Blackjack is played with eight decks shuffled after each game. You’ll be able to double on your first two cards, regardless of what they are, and split up to 3 more hands (for a total of four). Aces can only be split once, and will stand once they each receive an additional card.

    Dealer can peek if his show card is an Ace or a 10-value card. Insurance is available if you should want it (we’re of the opinion you should never want it).

    Atlantic City Blackjack provides you with a late surrender option in the event you want to pull out of a game before the Dealer flips his hole card. The penalty to do so is half your bet but, some would argue, it’s better than losing it all.

    Table limits typically range from 1 to 500 credits.

    Keep in mind, that Dealer blackjack is paramount. If you lose to that, you’ll lose your entire hand, even if you’ve doubled and split it until you’ve filled the table with cards. The only way to survive a Dealer blackjack is to have a blackjack yourself.

    If you enjoy the single-hand version of Atlantic City Blackjack, you may enjoy Microgaming’s multi-hand version, which allows you to play four additional hands at the same time. Both games are available at the following Microgaming casinos.