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    If players are into the upbeat sounds of hip-hop street music, then Hip Hop Opotamus is the online slots game to play, with its 3 reels, 1 pay line and a trail feature that awards up to 550 times your wager. This is a fun flash game to play and before you know it, you will be flashing the cash!

    There is all kinds of fun spinning the reels in this hip hopping game with its nine different symbols, to include overlaid bonus and number symbols, cherries and the hipster himself, the Hip Hop Opotamus. Find all of these interesting symbols as you work your way towards taking a ride on the trail feature.

    The hip hop wagering in this game can be adjusted, from a ranged amount of 0.10 credits up to 10.00 credits per game or spin on the hopping reels.

    By using the numbers and bonuses during the gaming spins, a player can gain the 8th position on the trail which starts the feature game. The feature game itself randomly awards one of 8 possible sub features, such as Rappers Delight, Busta Hippo, Funk You Up and everyone’s favorite the top winning Hip HopoPotamus.

    Feature Game.

    • Once the feature game is activated, a single reel hi/lo game with a checkerboard will appear.
    • When 3 Compass scatters appear, they will show how many Free Spins a multiplier.
    • Each number on the 4th hi/lo reel has an arrow pointing either right or up.
    • When a player wins a hi/lo gamble, they will move in that direction across and up the squares.
    • Once landing, the player can choose to collect on the current square or gamble to move further in the game.
    • Prizes increase in value the further a player travels.
    • The game ends when a player either loses a hi/lo gamble without an extra life or collects on the current square. The choice is yours.

    Feature Game Bonus Rewards.

    • Extra Life; gives an extra life.
    • Change number facility; for use when required.
    • Gamble; will always win.
    • Re-start the feature; restarts the feature if you think the outcome will be best.
    • Accelerated movement; will accelerate the movement on the checkerboard.
    • Shuffle feature; will move a player around on the checkerboard.

    Players can try their skills in this flash game with the range of skill features it has to offer; like nudge repeat, nudge, nudge hold and nudge bank hold. If a player hones in on his or her skills in this hip-pity rap-pity game, they can earn up to 30,000 credits!



    The game is no longer available