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    In the 1980s, there was a British television game show called Bullseye that used darts as a part of a series of rounds where players would try to win prizes. Microgaming has used this TV show as a sort of rough outline for what the Bullseye slot has to offer, and since it's a bit of a throwback to an older show, they've used an older format. While some players are not fans of classic slots, this is a game that offers a good jackpot and a valuable bonus feature along with gameplay that is a bit more exciting than what some players probably think of when they think of three-reel games.

    Game Layout

    The layout of this Microgaming-powered slot is three reels with a single payline. You can actually see three rows of symbols, but the extra rows only serve to show you how close you were to winning, and they don't really have any purpose other than that.

    It's important to notice that you don't have very many bet size options in this game. Coins are set to $1 apiece, and you can't change that. You also have the option to bet between one and three coins, but playing with three coins is best because you get access to the bonus feature and a larger top jackpot. In short, if you aren't going to play this game for $3 per spin, then you shouldn't really be playing it at all.

    Wild Multiplier Symbol

    The man throwing darts is the most important paying symbol in the game. This man is wild, but it also acts as a multiplier, and it's the key to the largest regular jackpot in the Bullseye slot. Getting one wild in a winning combination gives you a 2x multiplier, and picking up two gives you a 4x multiplier. This means that the number of available prizes are actually a lot more than what it seems at first glance.

    If you play with three coins, as you should, then your jackpot for lining up three wilds is 5,000x. Playing with one makes it 1,000x, and playing with two gives you 2,000x, accordingly. As you can see, the jackpot is much higher proportionately when you play with the maximum bet.

    Other Payouts

    Three bar symbols make up some of the larger non-jackpot wins. With max bet selected, three of the red bars gets 240x, three green bars wins 120x, and three of a kind in blue bars gives you 30x. You can also mix and match a series of any three of the bar symbols for an 18x payout, and three cherries wins 12x. For the cherries, picking up just one hits a 3x payout, and two gives you 6x, so you don't always need three of a kind to win.

    Bonus Feature

    There's a dartboard symbol that sometimes appears on the third reel. If you get that one symbol to line up on the payline, then you'll get a chance at the bonus feature. This takes you to a second screen where a dartboard is spinning, and wherever it lands determines your payout. You can win anywhere from 20 coins to 1,000 coins on this feature, though things are kind of stacked towards the middle of those figures with 800x, 600x and 400x payouts all over.


    The fact that this is a classic slot is going to turn off some players, but that's natural in today's environment. It's kind of like how table games get a bit of a bad rap from players who focus on video slots exclusively. In spite of that, Bullseye offers a solid experience with a good jackpot and a bonus feature that's likely to give quite a bit of value.

    Our only complaint with this game, and a complaint that we have with many classic slots, is that the bet sizes aren't flexible enough. In today's online casino environment, it's hard to imagine a practical reason why they couldn't allow for a few different coin sizes. Having to play with three coins to get the most value from the game is fine, but forcing that to be $3 per spin puts it out of the comfortable price range of a lot of players.