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    Cyberstud Progressive Poker is a two part game using a 52 card deck. A flush will give players a bonus payout and a royal flush wins the progressive jackpot! All players have to do is place bets on the ante, bet and jackpot spots, and get a royal flush to win.

    The first part in the Cyberstud Progressive Poker game is the poker hand; where ante's are placed using a deck of 52 cards, hands of 5 cards each are dealt to the player and one card to the dealer face up, so you can see one of the dealers cards and all of your cards dealt.

    At this point you need to decide to play or fold. If you fold, the ante is paid to the dealer and the game is over.

    If you decide to play, place your bet on the table. This bet has to be exactly twice the amount of the ante.

    The dealer will then deal the remaining 4 cards to their hand. The dealer's hand has to qualify for play by holding a King and Ace, or higher. If the dealer's hand doesn't qualify and you have placed a bet, then the dealer pushes the player's bet and ante back, plus the amount of the ante.

    If the dealer has a qualifying hand, the hand with the highest ranking combination wins.

    If you beat the dealer, you win the amount equal to your ante and the odds payable for your bet based on your winning hand.

    If you lose, all bets and ante's are given to dealer. No ante's continue on to the next game.

    The second part of the game is for a percentage of or all of the progressive dollar amount displayed on the screen. A jackpot of one credit is bet automatically. A flush or better qualifies as a bonus payout.

    A Royal flush in any suit wins the progressive jackpot in Cyberstud Progessive Poker online!

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