• Just For The Win Casinos

    Just for the Win is an online slots developer based out of Stockholm, Sweden. They have been in operation since 2016, and they are known mostly by players who have enjoyed their titles as a part of the Microgaming Quickfire platform, where they are a content sharing partner. Quality is preferred over quality with this software company, and they have a good approach that has pleased players since they first opened their doors.

    Desktop Platform

    There are two primary platforms that this company focuses on. The first is for their desktop-powered games. These titles all run in web browsers, and that does a few things for players. First, it puts them in a position where they can enjoy games from several developers in the same location since their offering "plays well with others" on platforms like Quickfire that we noted above.

    However, it also means that players can get in on the action on a variety of types of computers. This includes Linux and Mac systems in addition to those that use the various iterations of Microsoft Windows. This flexible and inclusive approach is at the core of how they do what they do.

    Mobile Games

    For players who prefer to take their play with them on the go, you'll be pleased to hear that Just for the Win makes all of their games available on their mobile platform as well. This platform also runs in a web browser, but the controls for their games adjust themselves in a way that fits everything on the smaller screens particularly well.

    Device compatibility is a big deal for mobile players, and both smartphones and tablets can be played with no problem on a variety of screen sizes.

    Style and Impact

    Something JFTW does with their online slot offering that makes them stand out is that they're very creative and innovative with things like formats and feature sets. They do well with the balance between keeping things familiar enough so that players don't get discouraged while also keeping them similar enough to what's "inside the box" that you actually might want to enjoy what they have to offer. It's a key balance that some developers miss out on, but this one is very smart about how they handle it.


    Just for the Win is a name that players will definitely see more and more of as time goes on. While they do not have the biggest portfolio out there, what they do bring to the table consistently gets a lot of attention. This is because they focus on quality instead of quantity, which is exactly what they should be doing to be effective in today's online casino environment. If you like fresh titles and game mechanics, then this is a company that you'll definitely want to keep an eye on.