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    The Wild Chase is a fun online slot that uses a beach town as its setting in the background. You can see boats, the oceans hotels and more as you hit the reels to try to get a piece of what appears to have been a pretty sizable heist of some sort. Quickspin has done a good job of making the gameplay match the theme of this slot, so you'll get a very high hit-rate and a ton of ways to get extra value through the in-play features that don't necessarily require you to get yourself to a special bonus round before you get a lot of value. This game has a low-volatility overall.

    Game Format

    This online slot's format uses five reels with three rows. There are also 25 paylines, but it almost doesn't matter very much because of the way the betting and pay table are set up. You choose your total bet size per spin from a number of options that range from $0.25 to $100 per turn, and then you earn payouts based on a multiple of your total bet size. It's a pretty good way to think of wins, and it's a little more straightforward than the typical approach of basing it on multipliers of line bets.

    Top Winning Combinations

    You can get the top regular wins with the four character symbols. There are two men and two women. The man with the red background pays 2.00x, and the man on the purple background pays 1.20x. You can also get 1.60x for five of the woman on the green background or 1.20x with five of the woman on the blue/green background. These wins seem somewhat small, but you can multiply them by a factor of 25 to get their line bet equivalent. Additionally, other features in this game mean that you get larger payouts than you would expect from these base rate payouts as well, and you'll see that below.

    Minor Symbol Wins

    The Wild Chase has five minor symbols. Two of these pays 0.96x, and those are the keys and the bags of diamonds. You can also pick up 0.80x for five of the ring or watch, and the payout for five of the money clip full of cash is 0.60x. These wins are hit with multipliers and other features, so you can win some pretty significant payouts even with the lowest paying symbols in the game. Overall, it's a good way to lower the volatility while still making sizable payouts accessible.

    Wild Multipliers

    The wild symbol shows up on every reel in this game. Five wilds will get a win worth 10 times your total bet size because of the multiplier feature. Your first wild in a winning combination gives it a 2x multiplier. Your next kicks that up to 3x. Three wilds in the same winning combo pays a 3x multiplier on the win, and four or more pays 5x. Five wilds counts as five of the man on the red background, the top normal-paying symbol in the game, but you'll also get the 5x multiplier for the total 10x win (eg: a bet worth $1 per spin earns a $10 win with this combination).

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    Players can get a set of 10 free spins with three or more of the bonus symbol. It's a pretty straightforward way to get a free spins feature, and it's also a method with the bonus scatters that's very popular for triggering free turns. However, you'll get at least one wild on the reels for every single one of your spins, and that's a great way to give players a tremendous opportunity for big wins thanks to the multipliers and other features.

    Wild Chase Respins

    This game is a good example of a Quickspin slot handling a respin feature in a way that simply gives players more value than they would have received otherwise. Each time you get a winning combination, before it's paid out, you get a respin to try to extend the length of your wins to the next level up. If you manage to do that, you continue getting respins until your winnings aren't increases from one spin to the next. After the respin or respins, your payouts are awarded.

    Our Thoughts

    The Wild Chase is a very feature-heavy game, which is interesting considering how low the volatility is in this game. They're able to manage this by making almost all of the features kick in during normal gameplay, and they kick in very often (on any wild or winning combination). The gameplay for this title is great for all types of players as a result.

    By Jesse Eddleman