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    Microgaming loads its Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold with four decks, five hands, and 1 hole card-no surprises, and no reason not to have a good time. Microgaming is known for its blackjack game selection, as well as its alluring graphics, animations, and player options.

    Microgaming contains all of its Vegas-type game under the same rule structure and then varies the number of decks (and thus varies the strategy it takes to win). Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold has two decks; Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold uses four:

    • Double Down: I’m happy to report there are no restrictions on doubling down, either with initial pairs or after a split.
    • Split: Splitting is allowed up to three times per original pair (so you have an unlikely chance to fill the table up with 20 different pairs). Aces, however, can only be split once, and only one card will be delivered to each. Ten-value cards (both natural and face) are considered equal in this game and thus can be split.
    • The Dealer will peek on Blackjack-worthy cards.
    • The Dealer is forced to stand on all 17s.

    The Gold edition features a strategy table that can be personalized, the ability to AutoPlay (read: multi-task), and a way to track your playing statistics.

    The maximum bet you can place at a Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack table is 200 credits. If that seems a bit steep for you, don’t worry-the minimum bet is $1.

    I’d wager that you will go back and forth between Microgaming’s Vegas Strip and Vegas Downtown blackjacks, if anything to test the strategy differences between the two. Kind of sounds like my last vacation there, actually. And on all counts, I still can’t tell you which one I think is better.

    Enjoy whatever form of Vegas-and Vegas-style blackjac-you prefer at the following recommended Microgaming casinos.