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    It’s all hands on deck with Microgaming’s Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack. All five of them. Microgaming opens up the blackjack table to give you the ability to take your Vegas Downtown Blackjack game to a whole new level-one that allows you to play five hands at the same time.

    Keep in mind, even with a table full of cards, the standard Microgaming blackjack rules still apply.

    In Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack, the typical Microgaming blackjack rules are in effect. For instance, a player’s blackjack will always beat a dealer’s blackjack, but in return, the Dealer will win all other ties.

    The Dealer will hit on a soft 17. There are no doubling down restrictions, and splitting is allowed up until four total hands are drawn.

    Like the single-hand version of Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack, there are a few subtle differences to this game that set it apart from the Microgaming blackjack pack.

    You are allowed to re-split Aces (which is not a common rule) in this game, and, since Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack is played with only two decks, it’s to your advantage to play as many hands as possible if you want to get a grasp for which cards are available.

    It’s not any easy thing to do when the stack is re-shuffled after each game, but it’s manageable if you’re into that sort of thing.

    Microgaming blackjack games have an “Expert Mode” that opens up the doors to the world of “Auto-Play”. Customize a strategy table and let the cards, the payouts, and the chips fall where they may.

    It’s a great way to test a theory, assess your risk level, or develop your own rhythm without the mess of actually deciding each individual hand manually. It’s also a detached way to game, so it’s great if you can’t necessarily be hands-on every moment of the day.

    Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of 40 different blackjack games in the Microgaming suite. Take one down, pass it around, and play the other 12 when you are ready for a change. All 40 are available at the following recommended casinos.