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    There are three major factors that combine to create any online slot. First is the graphics, second is the gameplay and third is the feature set. The 5 Burning Heart slot, available at EGT casinos, uses a somewhat unique combination of these three elements to give players a really fun experience. If you like high-volatility games or games that use throwback themes to older styles of fruit machines, then you'll have plenty to look forward to in this slot. The graphics are very solid and look as good as just about anything you'll find in the sub-genre, and the game's interface is designed to be very easy to use as well.

    Game Format and Layout

    When you first see this game, you'll immediately recognize that it uses a throwback theme to fruit machines and earlier styles of classic titles. However, it uses five reels with three rows for a more typical video slot format. With that having been said, there are still five fixed paylines, which is common for three-reel games. This overall format combines aspects of both styles of games in an interesting way.

    You can pick from different coin sizes, and you have the ability to bet one, two, five, ten or 20 coins on each payline. The minimum bet size is a super-low $0.05 per spin, so you won't have to worry about bring priced out of the game or anything like that no matter the size of your bankroll.

    Random Jackpot Cards

    At the top of the screen, above the reels, you will notice four different progressive jackpots. They go in order of the strength of the four card suits based on the typical ranking of club, diamond, heart and spade, with spade being the strongest. Along these lines, the jackpot for the spade is the highest, and the jackpot for the club is the lowest.

    On any given random spin, you can activate the Jackpot Cards feature. You'll select cards from 12 total that are face-down until you get three cards with matching suits. You'll get the jackpot for the suit that you selected three cards of initially. This is a pretty cool way to determine a prize, and it's a value-packed feature considering you can win any of the progressives with a bet of any size in this game.

    Wild Heart Symbols

    On the middle three reels, you'll find a heart symbol. This symbol is wild. It will substitute for all regular symbols except for the two scatters that we mention below. It can really help you to get some impressive winning combinations, especially with the lucky seven and the large static jackpot that you can win with it. Because it shows up on three reels only, you won't be able to get specific winning payouts just with the wild heart symbol.

    Two Different Scatter Symbols

    There are two scatters in this game that give payouts. The first is the purple star, and it shows up on the first, third and fifth reels only. If you get all three on the reels at once, then you pick up a 100x payout.

    The second is the dollar sign. You can earn 500x for five of a kind, 100x for four or 25x for three of this symbol.

    Other Wins and Symbols

    The lucky red seven is the best-paying symbol. Five of a kind is worth 5,000x, but it's also the only symbol in this slot that will pay for two of a kind or more. Up next is the watermelon and the grapes, and each of these will award 700x for five on a payline. The bell symbol pays out 200x for five as well, and the bottom tier of wins consists of four different fruit symbols that each pay 150x for five of a kind. These are the cherries, the oranges, the lemons and the plums.

    Our Thoughts

    There is a quite a sub-genre when it comes to video slots that have the classic look and feel. The 5 Burning Heart slot by EGT is obviously a part of that sub-genre, and they have done their best to stand out from the crowd as much as possible with this game. Their use of very strong graphics along with a different type of jackpot system than you normally see has helped a lot with this. The strong pay table with multiple paying scatter symbols helps as well. Overall, it's a good approach that came together to form a fairly strong game as far as slots in this particular sub-genre go.