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    Caribbean Draw Poker is a variant of five card draw poker, with a 52-card deck, a 2-card draw against the Dealer, and you can win a jackpot from a 1.00 credit side bonus bet with a royal flush! Caribbean Draw online poker, powered by Microgaming, is a table card game against the dealer who needs a pair of 8's or better to qualify.

    Caribbean Draw Poker is part of the Gold Series of Microgaming table games, is user friendly, and offers great graphics.

    Caribbean Draw online poker wagering.

    Has six bet amounts to choose from, ranging from 1.00 credit to 100.00 credits, and a bonus bet of 1.00 credit if you would like to try for a bonus amount or the progressive jackpot.

    In order to win on the Caribbean Draw Poker bonus bet, the Dealer must have a pair of 8's or better.

    If the Dealer does qualify and you beat him with two pair or better, you could collect from 4.00 credits up to more than 2000.00 credits or the jackpot with a royal flush.

    To start playing Caribbean Draw online poker, first place the ante bet of 1.00 credit or higher and then the bonus bet or side bet of 1.00.

    After you select "play" five cards will be dealt to you and 5 cards to the Dealer; your five cards will be face up and the Dealer will have 4 down and 1 showing.

    Select one or two of the cards you wish to be replaced to make the best possible 5-card poker hand. If you wish to keep your hand, select the "Bet" button; if not, select the "Bet" button to receive the one or two cards you wanted replaced.

    Caribbean Draw poker has two bets, other than the bonus bet, the first is the "ante" bet and the second is the game bet.

    The game bet is the same amount as the ante bet. If you choose not to play the hand dealt to you, select the "Fold" button. But remember, if you've already placed an ante bet you will lose it when you fold.

    Caribbean Draw Poker Payouts.

    • Royal Flush pays ----- 100:1 (100 to 1)
    • Straight Flush ---------- 50:1
    • 4 of a Kind -------------- 20:1
    • Full House ---------------- 7:1
    • Flush ---------------------- 5:1
    • Straight ------------------- 3:1
    • 3 of a Kind --------------- 2:1
    • Two Pair ------------------ 1:1
    • One Pair (8's or higher) 1:1

    Caribbean Draw Poker Bonus Bet Payouts.

    • Royal Flush pays Progressive Jackpot
    • Straight Flush ----- 2100.00
    • 4 of a Kind ---------- 500.00
    • Full House ------------ 50.00
    • Flush ------------------ 30.00
    • Straight --------------- 15.00
    • 3 of a Kind ------------- 5.00
    • 2 Pair ------------------- 4.00

    In order to win the Caribbean Draw Poker Bonus Bet; the Dealer must qualify with a pair of 8's or better and your hand must beat the Dealer's hand.

    Caribbean Draw online poker, with Microgaming software, may have different payout charts in the various Microgaming online casinos which offer it to play.

    What I found during playing Caribbean Draw online poker; is that most of the time I would get my bet back even if I didn't make a pair, since the Dealer needs a pair of eights or better to qualify.

    Play Caribbean Draw Poker and go for its Progressive Jackpot!