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    Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold, complete with Card Peeking, also has several player-friendly upgrades, including the ability to play up to 9 hands at a time! This head-to-head game of adding up to 9 hasn’t been more fun.

    Microgaming adds yet another online table game to its illustrious Gold Series portfolio, with Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold.

    What is Card Peeking in Multi-Bet online Baccarat? It’s the ability to maneuver the cards in his or her hand by rotating or twisting them into player view. This functionality, often popular in Asian countries, is now being offered to the world’s player base.

    Wagering in Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold is done through a series of chips ranging from 25 credits to 200 credits. Wagering limits may vary from casino to casino.

    As far as the Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold pay table is concerned:

    • The Tie bet awards 8:1 odds,
    • And all side bets pay out 11:1.

    A player’s score in Multi-Bet online Baccarat is determined by adding up the cards using the following values:

    • Face cards and tens equal zero,
    • Cards 2 through 9 equal their value,
    • And Aces count as one.

    All rules and references are within eye’s reach, so there is no reason to toggle between menus and games.

    Baccarat is as old as it is widespread (read: very), and online baccarat allows players more variations and options than ever before.

    As its name implies, Multi-Bet Baccarat allows players to wager multiple bets on the table at the same time. Players can still chose to bet on one hand; however, they now have the option to wager up to nine hands in the same game.

    Eight decks of cards are used in Microgaming’s Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold. As you can expect from this casino platform, the sound effects are realistic, the animations are life-like, and the graphics are top notch.

    While you may not be playing baccarat at a bricks-and-mortar casino, Microgaming has gone to great lengths to make sure you barely notice it in this game.

    Check out Multi-Bet Online Baccarat, another addition to the Microgaming Gold Series, and leave impressed!