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    High Speed Poker Gold is a 3-card game, a nice addition to Microgaming's Gold Series of table games, and will give players an option to play one hand to five hands of poker. This High Speed online poker game is much like a regular three card game, but a little faster. You can win a bonus bet amount of 27-times your bet with three-of-a-kind!

    The best feature in Multi-Hand High Speed poker gold is the ability to change your game play from one hand up to five hands in the matter of seconds. You don't have to play all five hands in this Microgaming poker game, perhaps two hands of high speed poker is more your style.

    There are many times where just one poker hand just isn't enough game play for me, so I will add another hand or two for a little more poker action. And that's where High Speed online poker is my style of poker game.

    Since the High Speed Poker gold game has only three cards in a hand to deal with, there's not a whole lot of thinking involved and extra hands can be added once you get use to it.

    High Speed Poker gold series wagering.

    Has the basic table game bets, which are ranged from 1.00 credit up to 200.00 credits per hand of play.

    So, in Multi-hand High Speed Poker Gold you can play one hand of poker with 1.00 credits, 5.00 credits, and so on up to 200. Playing all five hands in high speed poker at the minimum bet will be 5.00 credits per hand and at max bet 1,000.00 credits per hand.

    High Speed Online Poker Gold Ante Bet Rules.

    First off you need to make sure there's enough credits to play High Speed Poker Gold with anywhere from 1.00 credit and up. I'd start off my poker game with 20.00 credits or more so I can get some action out of my game. Let's get started:

    • Select your high speed poker chip size first.
    • Then select the "Ante" spot on the table.
    • Then the optional "Bonus" spot (if you feel lucky).
    • And then select "Deal" at the bottom of the game screen to deal the cards.

    The player will be dealt 3 cards. If you placed a chip on the "bonus" area after your ante bet was made you will be rewarded according to the "Bonus Bet Rules" pay table.

    If you like your hand, let's say you have a pair or better and you think it will beat the Dealer's hand, then you would select "Play" at the bottom of the table to continue the game.

    The Dealer must have a Q high or higher to qualify and here's how it's broken down:

    • If the Dealer does qualify and you win the hand, you get a 1:1 payout on both your ante and play bets.
    • If the Dealer does not qualify you win a 1:1 payout on your ante bet and a push on your play bet.
    • A Tie will push both the ante and play bets. (See the pay table for other payouts).

    High Speed Poker Gold Bonus Bet Rules.

    Players must first place their High Speed Poker "Ante" bet before they place their Bonus Bet. The Bonus Bet game is independent, or played separately, from the Ante game. In order to win a Bonus Bet, players must have one of these hands dealt to them:

    • Three of a kind (333); pays 27 to 1.
    • Three cards of the same suit (spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs); pays 6 to 1.
    • Three cards of the same color (self explanatory); pays 2 to 1.

    And that's all there is to it, in this High Speed Poker gold series table game by Microgaming.