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    An American hole card game played with 2 decks of cards, Bonus Blackjack by Microgaming features various side bets that can pay as much as 50 to 1. Bonus Blackjack is available in a single-hand game as well as a multi-hand game, and the usual Microgaming rules apply (we’ll break them down for you in case you aren’t familiar).

    As with most optional side bets in a blackjack game, this one refers only to your first two cards. If your first two cards are of the same suit, you’ve just won a side bet that pays 5 to 2. If those cards were a same-suited Jack and Ace, you’re walking away with 25 to 1 odds. And if you nailed the Holy Grail and pull a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades, you’ll be singing from the rooftops that you won a 50 to 1 wager. Those aren’t ugly marbles.

    As far as the “real” blackjack game is concerned, the rules remain pretty standard. The Dealer, devilish though he is, is forced to hit a soft 17 and will peek on Aces and all 10-value cards. Doubling Down can occur on any two cards and after a split. You can split up to three times, but a hand with two Aces can only be split once (and only one card will be given to each hand to round it out). All 10-value cards are treated as the same card, and therefore can be split as if they were a pair.

    As we mentioned earlier, the side bet is optional. To play, place a chip in the “Jackpot” circle. Once the cards are dealt the dealer will indicate to you if you’ve won by stating the reason for your win in a text box above your bet. If you lose, mum’s the word and your chips disappear. And then the Blackjack in Bonus Blackjack commences.

    Table limits for Bonus Blackjack go as low as a 1 credit chip or as high as a 500 credit chip.

    You can play Bonus Blackjack in the standard game or the upgraded Microgaming Gold game at the following casinos.