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    Powered by Microgaming, Multi-Hand Pontoon Gold brings in 8 decks, 5 possible hands, a 200-credit wager limit, and a whole host of new vocabulary. In Microgaming’s version, you are completely blind to the Dealer’s cards.

    Pontoon differs from blackjack in several ways. For one, a two-card total of “21” is world (for instance, Microgaming’s version still has all of its #10 cards). Here’s a translation of the rules: called a “Pontoon” and not blackjack.

    The words “Hit” and “Stand” have been replaced with “Twist” and “Stick”. “Doubling Down” has been changed to “Buy”.

    And the rules have been changed so much that it hardly resembles blackjack at all, except that it feels just like it.

    Microgaming’s version of Multi-Hand Pontoon is a bit different from the rest of the:

    • As said before, the highest winner in the game is an Ace and any ten-value card (called a “Pontoon”, which pays 2 to 1). Unlike blackjack, a Pontoon can occur after a split.
    • A 5-card winner will pay 2 to 1, even after a split. Keep in mind that a Pontoon will beat a 5-card trick.
    • The Dealer must stick on all 17s and the player must twist on all totals under 15 (unless it’s a 5 card trick).
    • The Dealer peeks for Pontoon.
    • You can buy/double down once on any hand, and you can do so after a split.
    • Splits are allowed up to 2 times for a total of 3 hands.
    • Split Aces will be dealt one card before being forced to stick.

    The table limits for Multi-Hand Pontoon allow for a 1 credit minimum bet and a 200 credit maximum bet.

    It reminds me of when they remake old movies or forgotten songs-the general idea is the same, but all the details are completely different. And, the truth is, once you get the hang of it, you may end up liking it for what it is and not how it compares to what you know.

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