• Tomb Raider

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    Tomb Raider- 5 reel, 15 payline with wilds multipliers, scatters that activate free spins and a Tomb bonus. Coin size ranges from 1 cent up to $1.00.

    You can also adjust the amount of coins per pay line, from 1 up to 5 coins per line. You can play from 1 to 9 Lines, but be sure to play all 9 lines.

    The Tomb Raider symbol is wild for all symbols except scatters. Hit 5 Tomb Raider symbols on a payline to win the jackpot of $7500.00 on $9.00 bet!

    Laura Croft Symbols are scatters:

    • 2 pays out x2 of your bet,
    • 3 pays x4,
    • 4 pays x50, and
    • 5 pays out x400!!

    Hit 3 or more Laura Croft symbols to activate 10 free spin, during free spins all payouts are tripled!!

    Hit 5 Tomb Raider symbols on a payline during free spins and you can win a jackpot of $22,500.00 on $9.00 bet!!!!

    Three or more Idol symbols displayed in a line, on an active pay line, activates the Tomb bonus game. The number of Idol symbols displayed to activate the bonus game indicates how many idols you can choose and what amount you can win.

    For example: on a $9.00 bet.

    • If three Idol symbols activate the Tomb bonus game, you can select three idols. Payout from 36 to 1500.00
    • If four Idol symbols activate the Tomb bonus game, you can select four idols. Payout from 48 to 2000.00
    • If five Idol symbols activate the Tomb bonus game, you can select five idols. Payout from 60 to 2500.00

    You can accumulate more free spins during the free spin rounds, so you can get a lot of free spin play!

    Slots Odds.

    The numbers with the symbol names beside them below is the key for the odds in this slot game. Below them, the numbers beside the Reel numbers are the placement in which the symbols fall on the reels.

    By matching the numbers beside the Reels with the key symbols above them, you can determine which symbol may come up next or the odds in which they will fall in this slot game.

    0 - Tomb Raider (wild)
    1 - Golden Statue
    2 - Brown symbol with cogs
    3 - Laura Croft
    4 - Tiger
    5 - A
    6 - K
    7 - Q
    8 - J
    9 - 10
    10 - Laura Croft with gun (feature)

    Reel 1 : 0,10,6,5,1,4,3,8,0,7,5,1,6,2,4,1,7,8,3,9,8,1,9,7

    Reel 2 : 0,1,7,3,6,7,9,5,2,8,1,3,5,9,7,2,9,10,6,5,4,9,1,6,3,7,8,4

    Reel 3 : 0,9,3,2,8,7,1,9,5,4,6,5,8,10,9,6,4,8,5,7,1,9,3,6,4,8,2,7,5,4,6,7,3,8

    Reel 4 : 0,3,8,4,7,2,6,4,9,8,1,7,6,5,2,4,3,7,2,9,10,8,7,3,5,7,2,5,4,6,5,1,9,5,7,2,8,3,6,9

    Reel 5 : 0,9,1,8,7,3,2,8,6,10,9,4,5,3,7,6,2,4,5,8,4,6,2,1,5,7,3,9,2,7,6,4,8,1,3,5,9,4,2,7