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    There's only one thing that comes to mind when you see all the coins rolling in the reels of this game, and that is cash. Scoop the Cash video slot has a bonus round with three ways to win, scatter and wild symbols, and free spins coining out double pays in its 5 reels with 25 paylines.

    Now as for the symbols in Scoop the Cash online slots, there's an unusual order where the 9 symbol is dropped and only a 10, J, Q, K, and A are part of its makeup.

    The A symbol takes a step down (so-to-speak) and is replaced by a nicely payable Money Bag symbol giving 500 coins when 5 appear on a payline.

    There are two scatters in Scoop the Cash slots, the Dice and the Safe, but by what is seen in the pay table there may also be a third scatter; when 5 wild logos appear they pay as scatters! See the rest of the information down by the Wild Symbol area.

    The wagering in Scoop the Cash online slots is easily scooped up with coin amounts ranging from 0.01 credits up to 0.20 credits, and the coin amounts can be adjusted from 1 to 20 coins per payline.

    The maximum bet is $50 per spin and the payouts are from left to right except for scatters which may pay anywhere.

    The Wild Symbol in Scoop the Cash Slots.

    • The Scoop the Cash logo is the Wild symbol.
    • The wild Cash logo will substitute all symbols except the Safe scatter and Dice scatter symbols.
    • When 5 Scoop the Cash logo symbols appear anywhere on the reels; a scatter pay is awarded with 250 times the bet!

    That's pretty awesome. Get 5 wild symbols anywhere and get paid! This is the first time I've seen this insanity, although it may be really hard to get five wilds, it's still a nice payout when it does happen.

    It may not seem like much now, but when it happens to you, you'll be surprised.

    The Scatter Symbols in Scoop the Cash Slots.

    • The Scatter Symbols are the Safe symbol and the red Dice symbol.
    • Three or more Safe scatters will award a bonus pay and Free Spins.
    • The red Dice symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only.
    • Three red Dice symbols will trigger the Scoop the Cash Bonus Round.

    Free Spins Bonus in Scoop the Cash Online Slots.

    When three or more Safe symbols appear anywhere on the 5 reels, the Free Spins Bonus will be triggered with the following bonus and free spin amounts:

    • 3 Safe scatters will award; 5x the bet plus 10 free spins.
    • 4 Safe scatters will award; 20x the bet plus 15 free spins.
    • 5 Safe scatters will award; 50x your bet plus 20 free spins!
    • Most all payouts are Doubled during the Free Spins Bonus!

    The scatter payouts (including 5 wilds appearing) will remain the same during the Free Spins Bonus feature in Scoop the Cash slot game.

    Scoop the Cash Bonus Round.

    When 3 red Dice symbols appear anywhere on reels 2, 3, or 4, the Scoop the Cash Bonus Round will be triggered. The player will be awarded either 2, 3, or 4 dice rolls upon activation.

    Please note; the Bonus feature will only be triggered when all 25 paylines are active.

    A new screen will appear with a roulette-style game; showing a pay table on the left, a wheel in the center, and a dice table on the right of the screen:

    • Select the Roll button to roll the dice.
    • The two highest amounts appearing on the three die will be added and shown on the wheel and the pay table to the left.
    • When the dice rolls are completed, the Cash bonus round will end

    You have 3 ways to win in the Scoop the Cash Bonus feature, and those are:

    • Win the sum of the dice roll according to the pay table.
    • Collect all of the same colors in the dice rolls for a bonus of 20x the bet.
    • Get all 3 of a kinds for a bonus of 100x your bet!

    What is cool about this cash bonus game; your previous won colors or 3 of a kinds are retained and highlighted until the bonus is won!

    Find out if the dice are rolling in your favor by playing Scoop the Cash slots now!