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    Different themes are used in different ways when it comes to online slots, and this is definitely the case with Play N Go's selection of games. Samba Carnival is a good example of them using a theme that you wouldn't have really seen anywhere else with a lot of samba dancers having fun during a carnival with fireworks and lots of other high-quality visuals. Great graphics and a matching soundtrack combine with top-tier gameplay and a ton of features to give this game the type of feel that online slot fans love.

    Game Format

    The format of this game is a normal video slot layout with five reels, three rows and 15 paylines. Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $0.25 apiece, and you can bet up to five coins per payline. The minimum bet per spin is just $0.15 a shot, and you can bet as much as $18.75 on each spin at the maximum end. This isn't quite as large of a betting spread as you see with many slots, but it's plenty wide enough for the vast majority of players out there. With that having been said, people who really need to play for higher stakes to have a good time will probably want to look elsewhere.

    It's important to point out that this game is strongly centered around having a high hit-rate. Along these lines, payouts aren't just awarded for left-to-right or right-to-left wins. Instead, you get payouts based on sets of three or more adjacent symbols on any payline, no matter where they are located. Aside from the scatters, you'll be paid the single highest possible win on each payline at the end of each spin, even if this comes from a set of three symbols on the middle three reels.

    Top Symbols

    There are three dancers that make up the highest three levels of payouts. The purple dancer will give you 2,500x for five of a kind, 250x for four and 50x for three. You can pick up 1,000x for five of the blue dancer, and the prizes are 150x and 30x for four of a kind or three of a kind, respectively. The lowest of the top symbols is the green dancer, and he earns you a 500x win for five along with 100x for four and 20x for three of a kind.

    You'll see wild multipliers on the reels that range from 2x to 5x. These substitute for all symbols but the scatters, and they give you the opportunity to win up to 12,500x as the top regular prize in the game based on getting five of a kind with the purple dancer with a 5x wild multiplier as a part of the winning combination.

    Lower Symbols

    Four different types of fruit are represented on the reels as well. Something you'll notice is that because there are only seven regular paying symbols, you'll end up with a pretty significant hit-rate, even with the lower symbols.

    These fruit symbols start with the pineapple, which gets you 250x for five of a kind. You can earn 125x for five of the watermelon symbol or 100x for five of the oranges. On top of that, the lime is available with a 75x win for five of a kind. All of the payouts in this game are based around getting at least five of a kind, and Play N Go (click for more) has done a great job of making sure that you hit these payouts pretty often in this game.

    Scatters and Bonus Feature

    The Samba symbol with three drums is the scatter in this game. To keep your gaming experience moving right along in this online slot (see more here), you'll simply pick one of the sets of drums to reveal an instant win worth up to 150 times your total bet. This skips any kind of complicated bonus feature and takes you straight to everyone's favorite part of any game: winning.


    Samba Carnival is interesting in that it has a high top jackpot worth 12,500x available, but the game still has a low overall volatility and a very high hit-rate. This combination of a reasonable volatility and a high top jackpot will appeal to a lot of players, particularly because of how easy it is to get winning combinations anywhere on any payline instead of being constrained to left-to-right wins only.

    By Jesse Eddleman