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    Classic slots are generally considered to be less action-packed than video slots, and that's largely because of the limited screen real estate. Play N Go has challenged that notion with the Sweet 27 game, a title that uses a candy-coated fruits theme as a throwback to the older style of fruit machines. This game has a ton of action that comes primarily from squeezing every bit of fun out of the limited screen space as possible, and it has an exciting set of payouts and features to go with it. This is a game that gets a lot of excitement and a great experience since it plays more like its video slot cousins.

    Game Format and Layout

    Looking at this game initially, it looks like hundreds of other classic slots. There are three vertical reels of symbols that spin, and there are three rows that create a 3x3 grid of nine total symbols on the reels at any given time. The main thing that sets this game apart is that it uses the "all ways" format, and in this case, that means 27 ways to win on every spin. In practice, it means every symbol is a left-to-right scatter, so one matching symbol in any position on all three reels wins.

    In terms of betting, players make a single bet size for the entire spin, and all wins are based on multiples of that total bet size. This avoids situations of having to count up coins or other types of inconvenience, and it makes the betting crystal clear. The minimum bet size is $0.10 per spin, which is perfect for penny players. You can also get in on the action as a high roller with bet sizes as high as $100 on the maximum end, meaning that this game is perfect for players at all different stakes.

    Rolling Wild Feature

    There is a free spin/respin feature in this game that comes down to the wild symbol. The wild is a mint candy that's green and white, and it shows up initially on the third reel only. However, it's still possible to get three of a kind of this symbol, and when you do, you'll get a great 5x win.

    The way the Rolling Wild Feature is triggered is that you get a wild on the third reel. Then you'll get two free spins with the wild moving horizontally to the left each time. You can actually add two more free spins to the mix with each wild that comes, and those extra wilds will also increase the multiplier when it's re-triggered. This will take the multiplier as high as 3x, which is pretty serious for an all-ways game with multiple wilds on the board.

    This is the main feature in the game, and it drives a ton of action. Since it's the only time wilds show up, it's also the only chance to get a winning combination of three wilds, but you can get it with multipliers if you re-trigger the feature as well.

    Winning Combinations and Payouts

    Aside from the wild symbols, there are three tiers of payouts. Each tier has two symbols that can give you a three-of-a-kind combo that pays out the same prize. In the upper tier, you have the pink and white lucky seven symbol, and it gives you a 3x win. Also in the 3x win tier is the bar symbol, which has been made into a chocolate bar for the candy theme. The blueberries and strawberries both pay 2x for five of a kind. You can also score 1 for five of the orange or cherries. The pay table is very balanced along these lines.

    Our Thoughts

    There is a lot that Play N Go has done right with the Sweet 27 slot. The graphics are strong, and the gameplay is interesting with the Rolling Wild respin feature. Our only complaint about this game is that the pay table is a bit too flat, so the top prize in the game (without multipliers) is only five times the size of the smallest in the game. Moreover, over 25 percent of the winning combinations in this game only pay out 1x without the multiplier.

    Aside from that, there are several ways to win in this game with 27 ways to win on each spin, so multi-line wins will definitely be your friend. It's a slot with a different feel than most three-reel games, and it has a lot of action.

    By Jesse Eddleman