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    The concept behind Multifruit 81 is pretty solid. It uses a classic fruit machine motif combined with video slot concepts to give a game that look like an older three-reel slot by plays like a modern five-reel one. The end result is a different style of gameplay and experience than what most players have probably ever experienced before with a much different format than most have ever seen. In short, it's Play N Go doing what they do best, which is getting people outside of the box while creating very high-quality experiences.

    Game Format

    The layout for this game is very different than what you've probably seen before. Most games have three reels or five reels, but this one actually has four. There are three rows of symbols, but it also uses the "all ways" format. This means each symbol acts as a left-to-right scatter symbol, so there are a total of 81 ways to win. This is where the name of the game itself comes from, which is actually fairly clever when you think about it. Betting is set up so that you can wager between $0.01 and $50 per spin, and wins are set up as multiples of your total bet size. This means you can play this slot for as little as $0.01 per spin with all ways to win activated.

    Wild Joker Symbols

    There are a few key things to know about the wild joker symbol. First, if you get two of them in a winning combination, then they will give a 2x multiplier to that payout. Three gets you a 5x multiplier along the same lines. Picking up four of them earns the largest payout in the game, which is 1,000 times your total bet. That's a pretty reasonable top win size considering the volatility of this slot is pretty low and the hit-rate is high with the 81 ways to win.

    In addition to this, you'll see one of the four reels light up on each spin. If a wild shows up on that reel, then it will always expand to cover the entire reel. Having expanding wilds on an online slot with an all-ways format really adds a lot of value with multi-line wins on the same spin, and that gives even more chances for competitive payouts.

    Top Fruit Symbols

    There are two tiers of fruit symbols in this game. The first tier starts with the watermelon, and four of a kind earns a solid 200x payout. Note that three wilds with a watermelon pays 1,000x because of the 5x multiplier, which is the same as getting four wilds. The plum gets 80x for four, and you can earn 40x for four of the green apple. These wins are pretty solid, but just remember that you only need to line up four symbols on an all-ways format to get them, so you'll hit them more often than you might think.

    Bottom-level Fruit Payouts

    Five of the fruit symbols make up what we consider the bottom tier of payouts. Four strawberries will get you 10x, and four of the orange pays 5x. It's 3x for four lemons or four blueberries, and four of the cherry symbol will pay out 2x. If you remember that these wins are multiplied by your entire wager amount instead of by some line bet wager, they won't seem nearly as low as they would otherwise. If you had 25 paylines, for instance, a 2x win for the cherries would be like a 50x line bet win, which is well within the bounds of reasonable for the vast majority of players, just as an example.


    Play N Go has done a solid job with Multifruit 81 in the sense that the graphics are very good for what's essentially a dressed-up fruit machine, and the gameplay is also really good. Players who are looking for something that's a bit off the "beaten path" will get a lot from this game, but don't go into it expecting some kind of super-exciting gameplay like what you might find with games that have a higher volatility. Instead, this combination of a classic and video slot will give you a relaxing experience with a high hit-rate and some chances to win some bigger payouts. Overall, some players will love this game, and others may not care for it, but it's very good for what it sets out to accomplish.

    By Jesse Eddleman