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    In the online slot world, it seems like everyone uses the same basic formats over and over. If someone does break out of the pack just a little bit, they often think that's enough to carry a game. Play'n Go is a bit different. With the Cloud Quest online slot, they've got a very atypical format with gameplay based on eliminating sets of three or more symbols in a row in any direction, and this leads to a very different type of online slot experience than what you're used to.

    Game Format and Wins

    When you take your first look at this game, you'll notice it has five reels and five rows, an atypical enough format for online slots (more here). However, there aren't any paylines in the normal sense, and the reels don't work like they normally do. Instead of having regular paylines, you'll line up wins based on sets of three or more symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

    As far as bet sizes go, you'll choose a bet size varying from $0.10 to $40 per play of the game. There are 10 total bet sizes, and in the following, we're going to discuss the payouts for a bet size of $1.00 per spin. They'll increase or decrease accordingly based on the size of the bet you choose.

    Wilds and Cascades

    Wilds do not appear normally on the reels. Instead, when you get a winning combination, the middle symbols of the symbols (one for three-of-a-kind wins, two for four and three for five) will turn wild while the others explode out of the way. Once these symbols explode and move out of the way, the rest of the symbols on the screen will fall downward to give you chances for even more wins that cascade until no winning combinations are left. No new symbols will fall from the top of the screen, so the 25 symbols you start with are all you get to begin with other than the wilds created from winning combinations.

    Five wilds earns a $150 payout, and you can get four of them for a $10 win. Because three wilds are so easy to get, and because they so often turn into other wins, they'll only get $0.80 as a win. However, you're more likely to get a four of a kind win when you get three of these in a row that will be larger, so this pay level by Play'n Go (more here) is somewhat misleading.

    Other Wins

    There are three main characters that show up in the game. In the red is the warrior character, and he'll get you $50 for five of a kind. The green is the archer/rogue character, and she's worth $20 for five of a kind. The purple symbols are assigned to the black mage, and he'll earn you a win worth $8 for five of a kind in any direction.

    Two weapons are on the reels for each of these characters, and the colors tell you what belongs to who. The red sword pays $5, the green knives pay $4 and the purple scepter pays $3, all for five of a kind. In addition to that, you can earn $2.50 for for five of the red shield, $2 for five of the green potion and $1.50 for five of the purple spell book.

    Power Stones

    The final symbol on the reels is the glowing golden power stone, and it pays $1 for five of a kind. However, it's also the key to the Super Power bonus feature. You need to get 10 power meter points on a single spin to activate the feature. You'll get one point for three of a kind, two points for four of a kind and three points for five of a kind for winning combinations of the Power Stones.

    When you get the Super Power feature, you'll activate a free respin with one of four features. You can get more wilds, all wins paid as scatters, wilds that don't disappear as parts of regular combinations or 5x multipliers on all of your wins.

    Our Thoughts

    It's clear from your first look at this game that Cloud Quest is a lot different than the average online slot. It has very atypical gameplay, something we're always a fan of, particularly because it has such a high hit-rate and fast action. Overall, if you want to try something different that won't leave you disappointed, then this is a great game to go with.

    By Jesse Eddleman