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    Microgaming is a company known for producing titles based around lots of different types of themes. With the Bikini Party slot, they've put together a game that will have you ready for some summer fun in the sun with five gorgeous girls in their bikinis playing a game of volleyball. Maybe they're playing five different games of volleyball since all five of them have balls of a different color, but the fact remains that this game has a bright and vibrant theme that offers a solid foundation for the gameplay.

    Game Format

    The format used here is the 243-ways layout, a layout that Microgaming (read more) is very fond of, and it's used in a lot of their games. It's based on turning every regular symbol into a left-to-right scatter, except for the actual scatter symbol, in a traditional 5x3 video slot format. The end result is that you get a higher hit-rate than usual, but the bet sizing can be a little anti-intuitive at first.

    Even though there are 243 ways to win, betting is set up as if this was a 25-payline game. You choose a coin size, starting at just $0.01 apiece, and you can bet up to 10 coins per virtual "payline" for the purposes of betting. This puts the minimum bet at just $0.25 per spin, and you can wager as high as $125 per turn, giving the game a pretty wide range of available bet sizes.

    Reel Respin Feature

    The first feature that players will usually notice comes because of the "respin" buttons listed below each reel. After each spin, you'll have an opportunity to either play a completely new spin or to respin one of the reels. Taking the respin option can be done over and over again as many times as you want to try to produce new wins. However, the cost for each respin is variable, and they base it on the value of spinning that reel again. This isn't a feature you see in many slots (find more here), and its atypical nature adds a bit of depth to the gameplay.

    Free Spins Bonus Round

    The scatter symbol is a volleyball in front of a net, and you can get paid for two or more. Three or more of them anywhere on the reels (they do not have to be left-to-right like all of the other symbols) will give the player a set of 15 free turns. These free spins are hit with a 3x multiplier on all of your wins, and what adds even more value is the fact that the free spins can be re-triggered.

    Based on a total bet of $1.00 per spin, the scatter pays $100 for five of a kind. You can also pick up a $10 prize for four on the reels, $2 for three and $1 for two anywhere on the board. However, two of a kind will not trigger the free spins bonus round.

    Regular Pays

    The following payouts are based on the player having a $1.00 bet size for each spin, and your available prizes will get larger or smaller based on the how much you bet relative to this amount. For example, the top symbol is the girl in the red bikini, and she pays $160 for five of a kind. You can also pick up $100 for five of the girl in the orange bikini. The red and orange bikini girls are very important in the regular gameplay because you can win with combinations of just two of each of these symbols, and the rest of the non-scatter symbols require three of a kind to pay out.

    Players can earn $80 for five of the girl in the yellow bikini, and it's $40 for five of the girl in the green. A $20 prize is available for five of the blue bikini girl as well. Wins ranging from $8 to $4 are up for grabs for five of a kind for the A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols also.

    In Conclusion

    It's pretty obvious that the girls are here in this game to be eye candy to some degree and to appeal to players along those lines. With that having been said, there's also a bit to be said about the bright theme of this game and the combination of respin and free spin features. This game isn't going to go out and win a ton of awards or anything like that, but it does offer a decent enough experience overall with a high hit-rate in particular.

    By Jesse Eddleman