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    Multi Wheel Roulette is a European-style roulette game, with eight spinning wheels, betting options from $1 to $50 and is part of the top-tier Gold Series at Microgaming casinos!

    Multi-Wheel online Roulette captures all the hopes and dreams players put into their wagers and numbers and gives them an opportunity to bet on more than one reel at a time.

    What's better than playing an online roulette game? Try playing eight roulette games at the same time. Microgaming’s Multi Wheel online Roulette game makes it all possible in this dizzying display of multiple wagering and multiple payouts, up to eight-wheels spinning, if you've got the guts and the glory to try it.

    Multi Wheel online Roulette wagering.

    Has chip sizes ranging from $1 to $50 and a single table to place bets on, so all players have to do to simply speed up their game play is by placing the same bet on a however many wheels they’d like.

    For Multi Wheel online roulette bet odds: European Roulette Inside Bets/Outside Bets - Payout Odds for Different Combinations; refer to the Microgaming European Roulette review.

    Multi Wheel online Roulette Call Bets are allowed, so players can select the pre-determined bets just as they can select specific numbers. Selecting and de-selecting the number of active wheels in Multi-Wheel Roulette is as easy as clicking on them.

    Multi Wheel Roulette Gold Series, available to play online since February 7th 2011, shows smoothly loading graphics and digital sound quality, which adds to the heightened eight wheel experience.

    Multi-Wheel Roulette, as with any online roulette game, is not for the faint of heart or light of pocket. Microgaming suggests this table game is for the intermediate to experienced table player or those players feeling very, very lucky.

    Play Multi Wheel Roulette with eight-times the action and eight-times the fun!