• Caribbean Stud Poker

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    This is a review of Net Entertainment's java version of Caribbean Stud online poker. The rules are the same as the standard accepted rules for Caribbean Stud Poker.

    To play, place a wager on the circle of the table marked Ante. 5 cards are dealt to you face up and 5 cards are dealt to the dealer with only one face up.

    The highest hand wins in Caribbean Stud Poker, but the dealers hand has got to qualify by having at least an Ace+King. Play is on you and you have to decide to play or fold.

    If you fold, your ante is forfeit. If you play, you must add to your bet by doubling the amount of the ante. If you decide to play, you match the ante and the dealer turns their cards over.

    If the dealer's hand doesn't have an Ace+King, you win even money on the ante and the additional bet is returned.

    If the dealer's hand qualifies in Caribbean Stud Poker, both hands are compared and the high hand is awarded the payout. If the dealer hand is higher, all wagers are lost.

    The Caribbean Stud online poker game with Net Entertainment software has an optional progressive jackpot. You can choose to play for the progressive by placing a $1 side wager.

    Certain winning combinations win a percentage of the pot while a Royal Flush wins 100% of the progressive jackpot. But if you didn't make the side bet, you can't win the progressive!