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    Casino Hold'em online poker, with Net Entertainment software, is the same game as Texas Hold'em, except in this game you're playing against the casino by way of the dealer.

    A standard deck of 52 cards is used and shuffled before each hand.

    This game of Casino Hold'em offers a side bet called an "AA Bonus".

    If you are dealt a pair of aces or higher after the first round of cards, you win the side bet and collect your winnings no matter what the outcome of the Casino Hold'em game but you must finish playing the first round in order to receive your winnings.

    To play Casino Hold'em, place a bet in the Ante circle on the table. The dealer will deal you two cards face up and they will receive two cards face down.

    Then 3 cards (called community cards) are dealt face up in the middle of the table. This is the Flop. At this point you have to either bet or continue play or fold, forfeiting your ante.

    If you place the AA Bonus side bet and you continue game play, you will be paid any winnings for the side bet here.

    The dealer deals 2 more community cards in the middle of the Casino Hold'em poker table, called the Turn and also reveals the dealer cards.

    The hands are compared and the winning hand is declared. Any winnings are paid out if you win or bets are collected if you lose.

    In order for the dealer to win this game, they must qualify by having a pair of 4's or higher.If they don't qualify you keep your Ante and Call bet and you win the hand.

    All ties are a push and if the dealer hand does qualify and beats your hand, you lose all bets.

    Casino Hold'em online poker game is sweeping the nation as the most favored in online casino table games. It's the favorite of millions and it just gets better the more you play!


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