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    Bonus Blackjack Gold plays two separate games one hand at a time. Created by Microgaming, Bonus Blackjack Gold combines the traditional game of blackjack with an optional-and high paying-side wager.

    Of its vast blackjack game collection, Microgaming only dabbles in side bets and bonus games. I’m not sure why-bonus games provide additional entertainment (albeit with additional risk) and provide a layered experience for players who want more than just another game of “21”.

    In Bonus Blackjack Gold, the optional bet is staked on whether or not your first two cards are the same suit. Any two cards of the same suit pay out 5 to 2, regardless of what their value is. If they are a Jack and Ace of the same suit, the payout is a little better-25 to 1.

    If the pair happens to be an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Spades, the payout is 50 to 1.

    Granted, this is only a 2-deck game, so the chances are thinner than if the card stack was a bit larger; however, there are plenty of chances to win.

    You don’t even have to pay too close attention to it-if you place a chip in the Bonus Bet circle, the Dealer will let you know when you’ve won (via a text box above your bet). Once you’ve won the side bet, the credits are transferred directly into your account and the rest of the game continues.

    The blackjack game itself plays by Microgaming’s general rules; the Dealer hits a soft 17, no restrictions on doubling down, and splitting is allowed once on Aces and three times on the rest of the cards, which include unlike pairs.

    Table wagers start at 1 credit and go to 500 credits.

    The upgraded animation features and even faster speed are what make the Gold version worth a little attention.

    It still maintains the other Microgaming features of a customizable strategy card and autoplay, just with a little more flair than the standard version.

    You can Bonus Blackjack Gold, as well as the other Bonus Blackjack versions, at the following casinos.