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    Blackjack Professional series. Net Entertainment has taken the casino gaming standard of blackjack and pumped fresh blood into it, with a side bet called the Double Jack.
    Once you’ve played blackjack at one online casino, you’ve played it at them all, right? Not anymore. Blackjack Pro changes everything with its Double Jack.

    To win the Double Jack bet in Blackjack Pro, a player must have two Jacks in their initial blackjack hand, or, at the very least, a Jack as the first card dealt.
    Spades are dominant in Blackjack Pro, and you’ll find the maximum side bet payout is reserved for two Jacks.

    As side bets tend to go, it cannot be any more than the initial Blackjack bet for that hand, which is why you have to make your blackjack bet first.

    To wager a side bet, look for the Jack symbol to the left of the blackjack betting square and drop your coins as appropriate. The following is the payout breakdown of Double Jack:

    • Two Jacks of Spades pays out 100x the initial bet
    • A pair of Jacks (any suit) pays out 25x the initial bet
    • Jack as a first card pays out 10x initial bet
    • Any other combinations, better luck next round.

    The rest of the game is played in the usual fashion, with the goal to get “21” or to bust the dealer. The side bet is off when the first card dealt is not a jack. Should you be lucky enough to win, your account will be settled up prior to completing the blackjack game.

    While some casinos choose to operate the Blackjack Pro Series without additional side bets (and we’re scratching our heads as to why), all of our recommended casinos offer it with the Double Jack side bet. Table limits at each casino are currently $1.00 to $40.00 (or 1 to 40 euros at Casino Euro).

    What are you waiting for? Give Blackjack Pro Series a try!


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