• High Roller $10-$400 Blackjack

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      Net Entertainment
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    Blackjack is the standard for all variations of the game and most blackjack games have the same rules. The things that could differ and it's very important to verify, is the number of decks used and the payout odds. This game of blackjack uses 4 decks as compared to the 6 or even 8 deck blackjack games available online.

    The table limit is $10.00 - $400.00 and in this game:

    • 4 decks of cards are used and reshuffled after each hand.
    • Dealer's hand has one card face up, one card down (hole card)
    • Dealer stands on 17 (hard and soft)
    • Player's Blackjack pays 3:2
    • 21 pays 1:1
    • You can double down on any 2 cards
    • You can double after splitting
    • You can't split a split hand
    • You can only split aces once
    • Only one card dealt to split aces
    • Insurance is available

    You also have the option to take insurance when the dealer shows an Ace.  Experienced players don't recommend taking insurance.