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    Microgaming really opens up the blackjack playing field with its Double Exposure Blackjack Gold, where the Dealer’s cards are both revealed.

    That’s right- in this eight-deck card game, you’ll see exactly what the Dealer has the same time your cards are dealt to you.

    Theoretically, that should make the game easier, and, in some ways, it is. You’ll be able to tell instantly whether you should hit on the 17 or stand on the 18.

    It’s a nice cushion for risk if you know you’re likely going to lose a hand anyway-you can push those higher value pairs a bit more.

    Aside from being totally exposed, the rules for Double Exposure Blackjack Gold are fairly consistent with Microgaming’s European Blackjack rules:

    • You can double down on hard pair totals of 9, 10, and 11.
    • Splits are allowed after double downs, and up to three times, and more than once on Aces (which will only receive one card each). Ten-value cards are considered equal and can be split.
    • The Dealer has to hit a soft 17.
    • Table limits start a 1 credit and go all the way to 500 credits per game.

    In terms out payouts, you’ll also notice a few differences. In Double Exposure Blackjack Gold, a player blackjack beats a Dealer blackjack, however, after that, the Dealer will win all ties.

    Your blackjack hand will also pay out a bit lower than usual (one to one), but that’s the price you pay for being able to see the Dealer’s cards.

    You won’t see an insurance option on the Double Exposure tables, obviously. If the Dealer has blackjack, you’ll know pretty definitely (and while the loss may be painful, I promise it will be quick).

    In this Gold edition, you’ll notice some nice upgrades from the standard Double Exposure Blackjack from Microgaming; your perspective to the table is at a more realistic angle, the chips move seamlessly around the table, and the play is even faster (if that’s possible- Microgaming is usually pretty quick).

    If you’ve never played Microgaming blackjack games before, it’s worth checking out the “Expert” options available.

    All in all, this is a completely different take on a game that has a pretty simple concept, and one I found both challenging and refreshing. Form your own opinion at the following recommended casinos.