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    In Multi-Hand Double Exposure Blackjack Gold by Microgaming you can feast your eyes on a whole new blackjack game as the Dealer freely exposes both cards at the time of the deal.

    Using European rules, this eight-deck table game provides enough changes to the typical blackjack game to provide an almost new experience to a very old, yet classic, game.

    Multi-Hand Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is the ultimate “peep show” of the blackjack world, but don’t think for a moment that this show doesn’t have a price for admission.

    Since nothing is left to doubt, the typical 3 to 2 payout on blackjack is reduced to even money, and all ties will go to the Dealer, except a blackjack tie (really, it was the least he could do).

    Aside from the naked cards, the game plays very much like any other European rules blackjack by Microgaming:

    • Dealer is forced to his a soft 17
    • Doubling down is only allowed on a hard pair total of 9, 10, and 11, and can occur after a split.
    • Up to three splits are allowed to create 4 total hands. Aces can be re-split, but only one card will be given to each.
    • Ten-value cards are considered equal, so unlike pairs can be split (i.e. a Jack of Spades and a King of Hearts).
    • Up to 5 hands can be played at the same time.

    You won’t see an option for insurance or surrender in this game for obvious reasons.

    Multi-Hand Double Exposure Gold upgrades a few features found in Microgaming’s standard version of the game.

    Your view of the table is set back at an angle and the play is remarkably smooth and fast. There isn’t a point in the game where things just “happen’- the chips glide from table to betting square and the cards slide from the dealer to your five different hand positions.

    The “Expert” mode allows you modify a strategy table to suit your risk limit, and then you can choose to Auto Play that strategy with every hand dealt.

    If you’re looking for some full frontal action (too much?), this Multi-Hand Double Exposure Gold blackjack game may be just what you’re looking for.