• Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

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      Net Entertainment
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      Video Slots
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    Net Entertainment is known for making some of the best games in the industry today, and their Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is an example of what happens when they really put the effort into the gameplay side of a slot. You'll get a fun experience with simple, crisp and clear graphics with a carnival theme. This game focuses heavily on bonus features, so if you prefer titles that have a lot of extra bonus rounds, then you'll fall in love with this slot.

    Game Format

    The paylines in this five-reel, three-row slot are fixed at 25. You can't change them, but you can change the number of coins you bet per payline at anywhere from one to 10, and you can choose individual coin sizes that start at $0.01 and end up at the $1 level. The betting range for the game as a whole goes from $0.25 to a whooping $250 per turn, so it's clear that everyone from penny players to super high rollers will have bet sizes that work for them.

    Stacked Wild

    The wild symbol in this game is the roller coaster, and it's always stacked. It's really cool how they fit the carnival theme into this stacked wild because it works as multiple cars in the roller coaster itself that goes downward down the reels. As a result, depending on where it stops, you can get one, two or all three symbols covering the reels. It only shows up on the second, third and fourth reels, and it does not substitute for the claw, bonus or scatter symbols.

    Claw Symbol and Feature

    The claw symbol shows up occasionally on the fifth reel. When you find it, you'll get a claw that comes across the screen and pulls up a toy from below the reels. This ends up giving you a random win worth between 2x and 15x your total bet size, which is a great extra win thrown in at random. This is a quick and smart bonus feature that gives value without taking much away from the normal gameplay while still staying within the bounds of the theme of this NetEnt slot itself.

    Theme Park Ticket Bonus

    The ticket is a scatter symbol that you'll find on the last three reels only. If you get all three, then you're taken to a special wheel where you'll get a number of turns to earn tickets to the carnival. After you play these rounds out and get your tickets (you'll score a minimum of one per spin on the wheel), then you'll be taken to the carnival itself where you can play various bonus features for prizes. There's a punch bag, a can tower game, a sledge hammer round, skee ball and a number of other features. Each of these are simple bonus features that are largely based on luck with a small amount of skill involved in some of them.

    Top Symbols

    In this online slot, there are five symbols that are considered the top-paying regular symbols in the game. The red rocket ship pays 400x for five of a kind, and you can earn 300x for five of the orange plane. The yellow bumper car gets 250x for five of a kind, and players can pick up 200x for five of the green goose ride. The blue pony pays 150x for five of a kind as well.

    Low Symbols

    The color progression for the low symbols is the same as for the high symbols, and the "hotter" the color, the more it pays. For example, the red A pays 100x for five of a kind, but the orange K and yellow Q both pays 75x for five. Get five of a kind in either the green J or blue 10, and you'll be paid 50x.

    Our Thoughts

    Net Entertainment has done an excellent job giving players a low-volatility gameplay experience with a set of bonus features that make a ton of sense for the theme of the game. While we don't necessarily like that you have to line up three scatters to get to the main features when they only show up on three reels, they seemed to show up more often than normal scatters when we tried the game, so it seems like there's some compensation there. Overall, Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is a game that really shows off NetEnt's chops when it comes to building gameplay around a slot concept.


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