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    A lot of online slots are built around the premise that you start with the theme and then figure out the gameplay. Net Entertainment's Wild-o-Tron 3000 is seemingly built in the opposite direction: It looks like they started with a particular gameplay style that they wanted to offer, and then they built a theme and concept around it that fits perfectly.

    No matter the particulars, this is a great game for players who like high hit-rate titles, and the volatility is decidedly low while still offering some chances for some pretty impressive wins thanks to the way the bonus feature works.

    Game Layout

    The layout of this title is a key part of why it works as well as it does from a gameplay perspective. There are 20 paylines that you cannot change that are spread across a grid of five reels and three horizontal rows. You'll adjust your betting in two ways: the number of coins per line and the values of those coins. The options for the coins per line goes from one to ten, and you can pick coin sizes that start off at $0.01 and that go all the way up to the $1 level.

    This puts you at a minimum bet size of $0.20 on the lower end, but you can also wager as much as $200 per spin as well. The idea here is to give players at all levels chances to pick out bet sizes that work for what they're looking for.

    Wild Symbol

    The only symbol in this game that isn't a part of a robot is a wild. It's a floating sphere with a glowing blue W in the middle of it, and it shows up on each of the 20 reels. It's critical for the gameplay overall, and it helps you to get a lot of extra payouts, especially considering that every other symbol in this slot shows up stacked.

    The payout for five of a kind of this wild is 500x, but you can also earn 100x for four of a kind. Three of a kind combinations will earn 30x along these lines. Note that you'll get paid for the highest-paying possible usage of these wilds on each individual payline.

    Wild-o-Tron Bonus Feature

    At the beginning of any random spin, you can trigger the Wild-o-Tron bonus feature. This is a feature that centers around giving players one spin with some special conditions that make getting a lot of payouts much more likely.

    First, at least one color of robot is chosen, and all instances of those robots on the reels are turned into wild symbols. From there, you're given whatever winning combinations are available, which will often be many, especially since all of the robots are always stacked. It's worth noting that the colors of robots that turn into wilds will be noted on the side of the screen with the robot on the right-hand side to make it more clear for your reference.

    Payouts and Robots

    Seven robot symbols can be found stacked in this game. Each set of three stacked symbols consists of a head, a torso and a bottom half that's sort of like a legs portion for how the robot gets around. The higher-paying ones look more modern and new, but the lower-level ones look more beat up and older.

    The red one is the highest-paying, and it'll give you 300x for five of a kind, which is a very solid win. A payout of 120x is yours for five of the orange, and five of the yellow one will get you a 100x payout.

    From there, the wins start dropping off a bit, and you'll see that the quality of the robots also fall off. The green and blue robots pay 80x and 60x, respectively, for five of either. You can also win 50x or 40x for five of either of the really trashed robots.

    Our Thoughts

    We really think Net Entertainment made a cool-looking game with Wild-o-Tron 3000. We're not so sure about the name since it's kind of goofy, but the gameplay and overall concept are both excellent. We like the fact that it's a low-volatility game with a reasonably high hit-rate while still offering ways for players to get big wins on a single turn with the bonus feature.

    By Jesse Eddleman