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      Net Entertainment
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      Video Slots
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    Net Entertainment uses a wide range of themes and concepts as the premises for their games, and the Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slot uses a street racing theme that seems like something out of a Hollywood movie. There are four different drivers in the game, and with slick graphics, a smooth nighttime graphical theme and a soundtrack that matches the feel of the game perfectly, this is a title that shows just how good this company is at putting together a seamless experience for players.

    Basic Format

    The format of this game is a 15-payline video slot (click for more) on a five-reel, three-row layout. You don't see the 15-payline layout used all that often anymore, and that just shows how flexible they are about the games they produce. Coins start at $0.01 on the low end and go up to $0.50 on the high end. Since you can bet anywhere from one to 10 coins on each line, you get a total betting range of $0.15 for penny players to $75 for high rollers. It's clear that this game is very inclusive when it comes to the available bet sizing since there's something that will fit everyone.

    Regular Payouts

    The main character in the game is the girl in the circle symbol with the purple background, and she pays a base 150x for five of a kind. Her car is also in a circle symbol with a purple background, and it pays 90x. The top symbols are rounded out by her three opponents, all in hexagon symbols. The first is Bruiser, the man with short hair with his fists together in front of him, and he gives you another 90x win for five of a kind. The final two opponents are Hamaki (with the cigar) and Twitch (in the hood and goggles). Each of these two opponents pay 60x for five.

    In an atypical move, Net Entertainment (read more) has set all of the minor symbols in the game to have the same payouts. This means that the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols all pay 30x for five of a kind, 10x for four and 5x for three.

    Wild Multipliers

    If you're experienced with slots, you'll notice that these wins above aren't all that large. The reason for this is that there are ways to win lots of larger payouts thanks to the overwhelming number of wild multipliers in the game. On each reel, there is a wild multiplier that appears with a multiplier that ranges from 1x to 5x. The first reel has the 1x multiplier, the second has the 2x multiplier and so on, all the way up to the 5x wild multiplier on the final reel.

    If you line up two or more wild multipliers on the same reel as a part of a winning combination, then instead of the multipliers being added together, they're multiplied to give you even larger wins. For example, a 2x multiplier combined with a 4x multiplier doesn't give you six times your win: It gives you 2 * 4, or 8 times your win.

    Free Spins Feature and Nitro Spins

    The purple scatter symbol with all three opponents appears on the second, third and fourth reels. Get all three at the same time for a shot at 10 free spins in the street racing bonus feature. You'll be able to proceed through three levels of races based around getting the Nitro symbols (which replace the scatter symbol during the free spins).

    During the free turns, you get extra multiplier wilds that appear in random spots on the reels to give you more value than regular spins. On top of that, for every three Nitro symbols you collect, you'll advance a level in the feature. The first level is against Twitch, the second is against Hamaki, and the third and fourth are against Bruiser. You get four extra free turns for making it to the second level, three extra spins for making it to the third, and two more free spins for getting to the fourth and final level. Extra multiplier wilds are also added for each level you make it to, and this adds up to some major multiplier mayhem.

    By Jesse Eddleman