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    At first glance, Beetle Jewels is a video slot that looks like it's a bit atypical, even though the format is normal enough. You don't often see jewel-based beetles all across different reels, and the level of graphics used in this game is outstanding as well. With that having been said, the gameplay is great as well, and you'll find that the hit-rate is fairly high considering this game has a medium-level volatility thanks to high top payouts and a lot of value packed into the bonus feature.

    Slot Format

    The format of this game uses five reels and three rows. There are 10 paylines of action, and that leads to some pretty even numbers when it comes to the bet sizes involved. Coin values in this game go from $0.01 to $2 apiece, and the overall betting range is $0.10 to $20 per spin accordingly. The 10 paylines in this game are fixed, but you don't really need to change them anyway because the minimum bet size is small enough to fit within the bounds of anyone's bankroll. This is especially the case since the volatility in this slot is not out of control.

    Wild Scatter Beetle Symbols

    There are five beetle symbols in this game, and at first, it'll be tricky to notice which of the five is the wild. iSoftBet made it easy to notice the difference with the wild symbol because it's surrounded by a circle instead of a square, and it's also turned at a 45 degree angle while all of the other four beetles are looking directly upwards. These differences make it stand out as soon as you realize it, which is a good way of having the symbol fit in with the rest of the game while still being distinct enough that there's no confusion.

    The wild symbol gives you 2,000x for five of a kind, which ties for the second-highest payout available in the game. If you get all of them on the same payline, then it's 5,000x as you'll see below, but because this wild is scattered, that won't always be the case, and it's 2,000x if the combination isn't all on the same payline. Three or more of this symbol will also get you a set of free spins, and you also need at least three to get a scatter payout along similar lines.

    Free Spin Bonus Feature

    If you get three or more of the scattered wild beetle symbol, then you'll be thrown into the middle of a set of 10 free spins. These spins work a little differently, however, because you'll get one of the regular symbols (ie: non-wild scatters) that are randomly selected. If you get enough of this symbol on the reels, then those reels will expand to cover themselves in that symbol, and then you'll get payouts regardless of whether the reels are adjacent. It's a pretty atypical way of giving players extra value in a video slot, but iSoftBet definitely deserves some credit here.

    Top Jackpots and Payouts

    The red beetle in the golden square pays 5,000x for five of a kind and 1,000x for four of a kind. You can also score 2,000x for five of the green beetle with the blue gem in the golden square. The pays for five of the other two beetles that do not have a golden square are 750x apiece. All four of the non-wild beetle symbols pay for two of a kind or more.

    The yellow A is good for 150x for five of a kind, and you get the same win for five of the purple K. The green Q, cyan J and red 10 all pay 100x for five on an activated payline as well.

    Our Thoughts

    iSoftBet based this game on a theme that would seem about as generic as they come: beetles with gems in them. From there, they built out some really great gameplay by using an atypical set of features, including the scattered wild, to give players a lot of ways to get paid. Having half of the symbols in the game pay out for two of a kind or more isn't hurting the situation, but the feature itself is pretty atypical and exciting as well. Overall, they did a great job with this game on both the graphical and gameplay sides, and it's a title that we can see different types of players enjoying.

    By Jesse Eddleman



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