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    You may have always wanted to sit in that special section of your favorite casino. You know the one, the one that’s roped off from the everyday public, the one where serious players bet serious money for serious winnings.

    Or maybe you’ve been there already and feel the need to go back. Net Entertainment makes scratching that serious game itch easy with its High Roller series, featuring table bets as high as $500 (or 500.00€) per hand.

    The game itself is standard blackjack-no different or unique side bets and no crazy rules (however, if you are looking for a fun side bet option, check out Net Entertainment’s Blackjack Pro).

    Our main Net Entertainment Blackjack page describes the payout odds and game rules in further detail.

    Of our recommended casinos below, Casino Euro caters to the bigger better, and it showcases higher table limits with two different types of Net Entertainment’s Blackjack Classic.

    If you’re really looking for a wide range of table bets, Casino Euro offers a 3-hand Blackjack Classic that offers a unique range table betting limits, from 5.00€ to 500.00€.

    You’ll have the ability to play a single hand game at this table as well. (Casino Euro categorizes the 5-hand blackjack games under “Blackjack New”, and also has a High Roller version available).

    Also available in Blackjack Pro, the High Roller table betting limits range from $25.00 to $500.00.

    If these wagers seem a bit rich for your veins, Net Entertainment provides other betting limits with its Blackjack Classic, typically ranging from as low as $.10 to as high as $40.00. Please see our other reviews of Net Entertainment Blackjack for more information.