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    Joker Poker Level Up VP Highlights

    Joker Poker Level Up is the fourth in this type of Microgaming’s video-poker series and comes just six months after the first of the series was introduced.

    Players have the chance to reach its fourth level with eight-times payout winnings, and with a royal flush win 5,000 coins!

    This quick succession of these games speaks to their popularity and the excitement of which they bring to the video poker arena.

    Joker Poker Level Up online from Microgaming provides the entertainment and suspense with every hand. And with a 5,000 coin maximum jackpot on a natural Royal Flush, it can offer instant happiness!

    The objective of this Joker Poker Level Up online game is to progress from one level to the next with winning hands. Each time you secure a win, you will progress to the next level with a new hand. Each level pays twice the one before it, with the 4th level payout of 8x your initial bet!

    Your goal is to keep leveling-up to increase your payout. This is a 53 card game with the Joker as the wild. Each level is played with a 53 card deck.

    Betting in Joker Poker Level Up Video Poker.

    Coin sizes range from $0.10 to $1, and you are able to bet up to five coins on each hand, making the betting spread from 0.10 up to the max bet of 20.00 credits.

    Special Features in the Joker Poker Level Up Online Game.

    • Help: Select the question mark in the upper left-hand corner, in the Joker Poker Level Up game screen, for all the instruction you'll need to master the game.
    • Wild Card: This is Joker Poker, so the Joker is wild. It will substitute for any card to make any of the traditional poker winning combinations.
    • Free Ride: This card allows you a "free ride" up to the next multiplier level, regardless if you won your original hand.
    • AutoComplete: This feature awards you a consolation payout for a Royal Flush with your un-played hands. The payout schedule is a little different, but then again, it is playing cards that would have originally been discarded.

    This game is different from Microgaming's Power Poker series, which plays multiple hands at the same time, in that each of the four hands are revealed in sequence as hands are won.

    If you’re looking for a different approach to the time-worn art of video poker, log into our favorite Microgaming casino and give Joker Poker Level Up a try!


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