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    You can play a lightning fast exceptionally crisp game of video poker with the ultra smooth Viper software platform, in this Bonus Poker 100 Play Power Poker.

    This game was designed for the large betting gambling poker player, but also a wide range of betting for those poker players who just want to test it out. There are 100 hands on each play.

    In these 100 hands of card playing, there is one deck of 52 cards chosen for each of the 100 hands played per game. That would make a total of 5200 cards per game play.

    You have the chance to make a nicely sized bank roll once the 4 of a Kind up to the Royal Flush shows up, depending on your bet. Not only does this game give you razor sharp, clean and fast graphics game play, but Bonus Poker 100 Play Power Poker video slot game has numerous payouts with every game played.

    There are no wild cards in this game, but the payouts make up for it in this 100 hand poker playing video game.

    Bonus Poker 100 Play Power Poker video slot game also has the auto hold option and the auto-analyzer to give you guidance on making the right decision with your holding options.

    With all the possibilities you have for winning by playing 100 hands per game, what a way to make some extra credits.

    Pick your seat for some real poker playing video gaming here at the Bonus Poker 100 Power Poker video slot game.