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We'll admit that it can be tough to do something interesting with a classic slot that hasn't already been done to death at this point. The simple fact of the matter is that there's not enough space on 3x3 format game to get too crazy. Even with that having been said, StakeLogic's Random Runner classic slot is a great example of giving players top-tier gameplay within the classic format. If you're a fan at all of three-reel games, then this is a title that you will definitely want to check out because it has crisp, classic graphics set in an upscale bar with a soundtrack that works perfectly for the theme.

Game Format

On the most basic level, this is a three-reel classic slot with three rows and five paylines. However, there are actually two copies of the same exact game with the same rules available here on the same screen, and you can choose to play both or just one. Players can pick coins that range from $0.01 to $2.50 apiece, and with the ability to bet up on to ten paylines at once, you'll need a minimum of $0.10 per spin to play with both games. You can also play as high as $25 per spin.

If you go into the options, you'll see one option where you can make both sets of reels show the same symbols. Normal gameplay has them be independent, but this would be the equivalent of playing for double the stakes on just one set of reels. Likewise, you can choose to play only one set of reels on the left or right side from the betting options on the same screen where you choose the size of your coins. Having all of these options in one place makes it easy to put together the exact kind of online slot experience that you want.

Star Symbols

There is an atypical component of the gameplay in Random Runner that's based on the star symbols. These stars don't actually make up their own distinctive symbols, however. Instead, they are overlaid on top of other symbols in the game. The way this works is that you can get three of a kind in these stars on an activated payline regardless of which symbols the stars are actually laid over. At the same time, the regular symbols that have the stars over them can be a part of winning combinations as usual.

While this can take a little getting used to, it offers an element of gameplay that isn't commonly found in other games, even in video slots. This makes Random Runner stand out in a big way.

Pay Schedule

The best payout in the game is for three of a kind in the stars, and it'll win you 40x. Triple red lucky sevens will also get you a 16x win, as will three of the watermelon symbols. For the grapes and strawberries, three of a kind in either will score 16x as well. Going down the pay table a bit, you can earn an 8x win for three of the bells or pears. The plums and oranges are also good for an 8x win for three of a kind in either.

You'll notice that this pay table is structured with two main groups of symbols, each of which earn the same payouts, with the larger star-based win on top. This helps to drive the low-volatility, high hit-rate style that this game is known for. It's a bit different of a style than what you'd typically find for classic slots, but it's a great way to go.


This StakeLogic title is most easily found in casinos running the Novomatic platform since they have a content distribution agreement. Along these lines, Runner Runner is a great example of a very solid classic slot that rounds out the selection available on that platform, which is dominated by video slots instead. However, this game doesn't just add to the number of titles they offer without adding value, and it has plenty of merits on its own. If you're a fan of low-volatility video slots, then you should try this game out because it plays differently than a lot of classic-style games in the genre thanks to the way the pay table is set up to be in steps but balanced overall.

By Jesse Eddleman

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