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    Single-payline classic slots are considered by many to be the most boring titles around in the online slots sector. StakeLogic has challenged this notion in a major way with their Game 2000 slot, a classic-style game that puts a major twist on the gameplay. The graphics and sounds are solid, and they look better than most games in the subgenre today. As a matter of fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find a game in the same section of the casino that looks better by any other software provider. This game has a moderate volatility, mostly thanks to the gameplay elements that make it stand out compared to other similar titles.

    Format and Layout

    The layout of this game is a little atypical, but not so much that you won't be able to immediately see what's going on. There are two sets of three reels beside of each other, and each set of reels has a single payline running left-to-right through the middle. However, you can still see three rows of symbols on each side, which we'll talk about below. The coin size is set at €0.20 apiece for this game, but you can make a variety of bet sizes based on multiple coins. You can wager up to 250 coins on each side or as few as a single coin on each side, meaning the minimum bet per spin to have both sides activated is €0.40.

    Two Types of Payouts

    There are two sets of payouts on each set of reels. First off, you have the payouts listed in orange at the bottom of the pay table. These pay on the payline only, and the largest of these is 40x for three of the cherry symbols. However, three oranges gives you 16x, as will three of the lemon. You can also get wins for one or two cherries, two oranges or two lemons on the payline.

    With that having been said, there are also scatter pays. These give you a win no matter where they show up on each individual set of reels. However, they all have to be contained within a single set of three reels (the left three or the right three only) to count as a payout. If you get a club symbol on the far left reel and a club symbol on the far right reel, for example, it will not count as a two of a kind scatter payout since they aren't on the same set of reels.

    Scatter Wins

    There are three ways to get the largest payout, which is worth 100 times your line bet/coin size. In this classic slot, one way to win the top payout is by getting three of the bell scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. You can also line up three of the bar-like scatter symbol as well that says "SLP" on it, short for StakeLogic Productions. Three of the club symbol, also scattered, will pay a random payout worth between 4x and 100x, so you can win it that way as well, though it's less likely.

    Three of the watermelon or red star pays a solid 40x. There are a number of ways to win 8x with three shamrocks, three strawberries, three plums or three of the bunches of grapes. Finally, two of the scattered clubs anywhere pays a random win worth anywhere from 2x to 40x. It's pretty cool to have a two of a kind scattered win on a classic slot since you don't see that very often. Overall, the scatters really drive the gameplay in this game and give you a different style of earning wins than what you normally expect from a three-reel game.

    In Summary

    StakeLogic hosts their games on the Novomatic platform, which includes a ton of different types of classic and video slots. Game 2000 is up against a lot of competition because of this, and it stands out due to its atypical play style and the ability to do something really different within the confines of a classic slot. Overall, it's a game that we suggest slot fans take a look at and even try thanks to the low available stakes and the high hit-rate gameplay facilitated by the two different types of payouts.