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    Classic slots have often been seen as the boring little cousin to video slots by many players in today's industry. However, StakeLogic has largely revived the genre with games like Random 2 Wild. This title features certain features that you wouldn't really expect, and it drives some very interesting gameplay thanks to an atypical format and feature set. If you've never tried a classic slot because you thought it was too boring, this is one of the few games out there that would have a good chance of changing your mind. It has a medium volatility and the "Twinplayer" system that this software provider uses to give players two sets of reels to play on at the same time.

    Game Format

    There are virtually two versions of the same game running in your window at all times, but you have the option to cut that down to just one without affecting your RTP. The main game uses four reels with three rows. The first three reels are normal, and the fourth reel (far right side) only shows blank spaces or wild symbols. You have 10 paylines to play on, five of which come from the left and five of which come on the right, all of which only cover three spaces apiece. This creates a very atypical format.

    To activate all 10 paylines, you need to play with at least 10 coins per set of reels. Playing with fewer is possible, but it's not recommended since the fourth reel is cut off and you'll only get paylines 1-5, which hurts your RTP significantly. It's also worth noting that the only coin size in this game is €0.20, so you'll only be able to manipulate your bet size by the number of coins you choose, which goes up to 250 per set of reels.

    Double Symbols

    One of the two main features that drive the gameplay is the double symbols. One of those is the bell symbol, and the other is the gold bar with "SLP" stamped on it. The way these symbols work in this online slot is that they show up in the bottom-right corner of the normal symbols on the reels. From there, they can create their own winning combinations. Three of a kind of the bells or the SLP-stamped gold bars, regardless of the symbols that are on top of, pay out 100x apiece. These are the largest regular wins in the game.

    Wild Reel

    The wild reel is the other key feature. The fourth reel only has two symbols that can show up on it. The dashes are blank symbols, and the wilds show up as well. The wilds help you to make wins on the last five paylines, and that gives it a much different feel than what you'll get with a lot of other slots. Because the paylines for this reel only extend to the second and third normal reels, you only need to get two matching symbols with a wild to get paid.

    Regular Payouts

    The other regular payouts for this game are put into two groups. The lower group pays 8x for three of the pears, lemons, plums or oranges. The upper group pays twice that at 16x for three of the lucky number sevens, the watermelons, the strawberries or the shamrocks. This is a fairly flat pay table that helps to lower the volatility a bit, which is good since the minimum bet size to activate all of the paylines is €4 per spin, which might be a bit high for some players.


    Like all StakeLogic games, Random 2 Wild is available on sites that use the Novomatic platform. This game fits in well with their selection of solid games because it provides players with more than just a boring classic slot. The combination of atypical features is a big plus for this game. However, the minimum wager of €4 per spin to activate the full game is not something we're a fan of in general since it keeps a lot of penny players out of the mix. Aside from that, there's not really anything to complain about over this game at all, and it's very impressive all-around.

    By Jesse Eddleman