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    Everybody’s Jackpot slots, with 9 spinning blocks or 3-reels and 8 active paylines, features a game show atmosphere with free spins, scatters, and a randomly triggered multiplayer progressive jackpot!

    When one person wins big in Everybody's Jackpot slots, so does everyone else currently playing the game!

    Everybody’s Jackpot online slots Wagering.

    While the number of lines that can be played is set at the maximum of eight, players can adjust the coin size from $0.05 to 1.00, with a minimum bet of $0.40 and a maximum bet of $8.00 per game when all eight lines are played.

    Everybody’s Jackpot slots Pay Table.

    Paylines one through five will play from left to right; lines six through eight will play top to bottom.

    Both diagonal paylines will award 3x the typical payout amount. Plus, Everybody’s Jackpot has an autoplay feature.

    While Everybody's Jackpot slot game looks like a three-reel slot, each block spins independently. This isn’t that huge of a difference from a classic slot game, except for how the scatters are treated.

    In that case, the more scatters that show up, the more you win!

    Everybody’s Jackpot online slots Wild symbol.

    Is the “Wild” symbol, and it's really hard to miss as it appears flashing in the blocks:

    • The Wild only appears during the free spins.
    • The Wild will occupy the middle block only.
    • The “Wild” symbol is the replacement symbol in the game.

    Everybody’s Jackpot slot Scatter symbol.

    Is the “Everybody’s Jackpot” logo and it's the main symbol for great payouts and feature games:

    • Paying anywhere on the reels, this Logo Scatter needs no payline and will award based on total wager and total number of symbols present.
    • Payouts start at 2 symbols (with 1x your total wager).
    • Three Logo symbols trigger the Free Spins feature.
    • As more and more scatters are added; when nine scatters fill each of the nine blocks, you win 200x your total wager!

    Everybody’s Jackpot slots Free Spins feature.

    Is triggered when three or more Logo scatters land anywhere on the reels:

    • You’ll instantly win not only the scatter prize, but also 12 free spins.
    • During Free Spins, a “Wild” symbol appears in the center block on the center reel.
    • Free spins can retrigger indefinitely, adding 12 more spins every time three or more Logo’s land on the reels.

    Everybody’s Jackpot slot Progressive Jackpot.

    Is randomly triggered during the main game and offers the potential for big wins, with the right investment.

    To qualify for the ever-growing progressive jackpot, you’ll need to have wagered at least €50 in 24 hours.

    Don’t worry about keeping track; the game will let you know how much you’ve wagered so far and how much more you need to bet in order to be eligible for the Community Jackpot (if you can tear your eyes away from the pretty redhead, she’s standing next to the meter).

    The best part about a jackpot win? You don’t even have to be the one who triggered the jackpot to win! Granted, the players who trigger the jackpot win will be awarded 70% of the amount displayed.

    The rest, however, is distributed among players who are either actively playing the game or who have qualified within the past 24 hours.

    Those who are qualified for the progressive jackpot will get a slightly larger amount, and those players who haven’t quite hit the €50 requirement will get a prize that’s proportionate to their current wager amount.

    This makes the Progressive Jackpot “Everybody’s Jackpot”.

    So jump in and join the community! Play Everybody’s Jackpot online slots today!

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